(10M) Guild Progression(MOP Updated)

Emerald Dream
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Good luck to you too Fleur :D

*Updated for progression.*
Wow.. who is Reague of Regends?? Are they new to the server?
They are, i checked wowprogress, they're from muradin and actually spoke to the GM. Seems like a good guy. All confirmed guild kills on muradin.
Legion got H Hagara down yesterday. Puts us at 4/8 heroic.
Legion just downed H Zon'ozz
Constant Karma (Horde - 10m) is now 3/8 Yor'sahj,Morchok,Ultrax.
Grats on the progression guys.
woot woot

H-spine down finally
Legion just got heroic Warmaster
Constant Karma just downed Heroic Zonozz
grats on progression guys
Just striked EoW from the list, just to double check, they did xfer off correct?
05/07/2012 07:35 PMPosted by Biooh
Just striked EoW from the list, just to double check, they did xfer off correct?

Yea they all went to err... some server that starts with an M.. Monroth or something like that
Constant Karma just downed Heroic Hagara
Could you add [A] Gnomenclature to this list? We're currently 2/8H with Morchock, and Ultraxion down, working on Hgara.
grats on the kills guys, keep spreading the word for progression up here for the rest of DS and mop.
Reforged Legacy is 6/8H. Working on Warmaster now.
Grats on prog. and welcome <Typhoon> from Shattered hand.
Constant Karma is now 6/8. We downed Heroic Warmaster!
I'm going to make a small commentary here especially toward new people looking to come to this server for PVE.

Yes, we have a great W-PVP scene.

Yes, we have a strong RP community.

and, yes there is a dedicated PVE community.

"But, Bio there wasn't one relevant Firelord guild in all of ED nor was there any pre-nerf DS clears."

Again, to compare the Sargeras' or the Illadowns of WoW to ED is silly.

Is there progression? Absolutely.
Are there 10mans looking to stay competitive? Yessir.

Just because the PVE here doesn't cater to the bleeding edge, doesn't denote the fact that there is a bevvy of raiding guilds that satisfies the "meat and potatos" of the raiding community.

As a marker when i transferred here, ED was ranked roughly around 110 out of 246 US servers. We're now 79th (a week ago or so I could have sworn we were 74th). Anywho, again not a huge marker in the grand scheme of things but a noteworthy one nonetheless.
So, to you PVE'ers looking for a new home come MoP where you can not only kill dargons but proudly emote your "battle cry" as you topple over said Dwarf or Orc.

ED will welcome you.

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