(10M) Guild Progression(MOP Updated)

Emerald Dream
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Thanks for updating this Bro!

For MoP Soldier will most likely be more casual, as we lost several of our core members due to the long span from DS to MoP.. ;(
Ebb and flow homie, ebb and flow.

hey add me again!

Battletag - Sukodin#1345

I went through a purging a little while back and removed people that I didnt mean to.. lol
<Hillsbrad Police Dept>

Back and pwning. We are 8/8 HMDS.

Add us to ze list, please - as we will be around and raiding for Mop! :]
<Hillsbrad Police Dept>

Back and pwning. We are 8/8 HMDS.

Add us to ze list, please - as we will be around and raiding for Mop! :]

GL in MoP
Thank you.

(You spelled Hillsbrad wrong btw..) Jus thought I'd let you know incase anyone is a stickler, as I am. :)

GL to all in Mop! <3
Reague of Regends will have a 25man group and a 10man group in MoP
Good luck to everyone tonight.

Remember to please post name of kills and for server firsts, date and time. but i will be checking wowprogress to verify as well for those guilds who dont post here.
Reunited - Stone guard 10m
. double posted.
Nightstalkers - Stone Guard 10m
Exalted with Repair Bots, downed Stone Guard 10m
Exalted with Repair Bots, downed Feng the Accursed. 10m
You can strip ST from PvE progression lists, we have no intention of raiding.

Ewrb downed Gara'jal The Spiritbinder 10m
Veracity Downed 1 boss
<Grips of Vanity> stone guard
Animated - Stone Guard 10m
I see it has been updated already but I do want to say that our guild "Constant Karma" did not recieve our "guild completion" for this. I did open a ticket and we are NOT the only ones.

This is their response.

Greetings Broderickt,Hey!
Looks as though I caught you when you were away for a bit. :)I can totally understand how not getting guild credit for the Stone Guard boss in Mogu'shan Vaults would be frustrating and I was able to get this checked out for you! ^_^We have received similar reports about this, and we are currently getting this worked on to get this issue sorted out! It appears it only happens with the Stone Guard though. In some situations, we are able to help out with achievements, but due to the functionality on our side, this specific achievement criteria is not something we will be able to update at the moment : (I know that can be upsetting, but if you are able to complete the rest of these bosses in a guild run before the hotfix to resolve the Stone Guard issue is pushed through, and your guild still doesn't have credit, you can definitely contact us again so that we can flag that achievement as complete for you! Just understand that this would be a special courtesy as a temporary workaround for this issue, and not something we can usually do though. I did notate your account to show that your guild was eligible for this kill though, so just let us know if and when your guild has killed the rest of the bosses! : DAlso, definitely eep an eye out on our forums (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/) or future patch notes (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/patch-notes/) for any additional information on this issue or when this is resolved.And just as a heads up, I've sent a copy of this message to your 'Support Site' at Battle.net under 'Support' > 'Your Support Tickets' where you can review, create and reply to tickets when not in-game!If you need any more help or have any other concerns, just hit one of the fancy buttons below! <3Best wishes,Game Master Ixzal..

They want us to finish ALL THE BOSSES before they can do anything about it?!

it's showing credit for the kill. I'm sure if you kill it next week the achieve should be noted.

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