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Emerald Dream
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11/06/2012 05:02 AMPosted by Vitríol
KSP Lords got Wind-Lord. We're now 2/6H MV 4/6 HoF.

For some reason wowprogress is down for me so until its back up or my internet decides to work, im going to wait to update so i can figure out who got the svr first on those last two kills. It's been you guys and SO.

but grats all the same.
For some reason you didn't show RoL killing Spirit kings.
We've also gotten Elegon, and Will of the Emperor in MV, and Imperial Vizier Zor'lok in HoF
Arvandor - horde

now 4/6
SG - The Stone Guard
FA - Feng The Accursed
GSB - Gara'jal The Spiritbinder
SK - Spirit Kings
Sorry if I've been a lil sllow updating stuff.
<KSP Lords> got Amber shaper very late Wed. night.
Blade Lord down for RoL
<KSP Lords> killed Empress so we are 2/6H MSV and 6/6N HoF
Memory leak 6/6 MSV
<The Uncommon Few> now 4/6 MSV .....getting there
Currently on a break!

We are 3/4 Terrace of Endless springs! working on sha in a few minutes.

We are still 2/6H MSV and 6/6NHoF
Sorry for the delay in updating, been a lil busy, also so i don't have to go back and forth to wowprogress you 10mans out there should spread the word and get your progression up here.
Stone Guard
Spirit Kings
All down 10 man normal

Heroic Spirit Binder down tonight! =)

3/6H MSV,
6/6N HoF
3/4N Terrace
HBPD is 4/6 MSV. Havent touched HOFear yet.. have had very minimal raid time this expac, due to RL schedules D;
I guess I should mention Legion is 6/6 MV as of Wednesday. Haven't started HoF yet.
Stone Guard
Spirit Kings
All down 10 man normal

Ryar if VA is doing 25mans and supplementing progression with 10s in between i'll log your progression on the 25m thread rather than make duplicate progression lines for your guild.

grats to everyone on stuff. btw if there any 10mans im missing tell them to throw up their prog here as well, i tried syncing it with wowprogress but there's just so many and i don't have the time to keep up to date with all of them right now so i'm going to just update who posts here going forward..

Good luck to everyone
We are 6/6 MSV and 4/6 HoF 10 man. (6/6 and 2/6 25 man) So idk how you want to deal with that.
We are 6/6 MV for 10m!
KSP killed Sha of Fear on Monday.

3/6H MSV
6/6N HoF
4/4N ToES

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