70s thread of friendly civilized discussion

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molly's back, tell a friend
that's why were trying to farm gear up and get ratings to prove we arent awful. we also have mains to prove it if that overrides 70 ratings
bowtwo #1 rbg hero emberstorm
can i get a guesstimated date on the next tourney?

also dont invite limpz he is EU SCUM
can i pls come to torny im niec guy
shutup u brutal glad SCUM
04/17/2012 11:20 PMPosted by Automix
this season ya thats why i dont play 85s because its broken but in the s9 s10 it was better

All i say in s9 and s10 was rls/mls if i remember correctly.

shadowcleave and pmr were still good

and druids at high levels

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