WLS - a complete guide - (37 videos included)

Good stuff.

Though i'm not sure twitch videos stay around for ever. Might wanna invest in exporting them to your youtube.
Masterpiece. Sticky btw.
@ Ticatwo - Good idea, Ill get to that when I get home tonight.
Call me a n00b (because I am :3) but what is the name of the AddOn that calls out enemy CD's and stuff verbally? Would be really great to have haha.
Very nice guide, thank you for taking the time to create this.

Requested for sticky.
Thanks for the sticky requests guys. Glad to help.

Ive moved everything to youtube now, and setup a playlist so you can just click on the video you want to watch. Should make life a little easier :D
It's a shame this post isn't get the reconition it deserves.
Awesome guide man, hope to see more from you in the future. Maybe one day I'll be able to find a half decent shaman healer on my server, haha.
Finally some quality warrior content.
I see you have two different specs for arms, did you pick up ss for most if not all these arenas?
The active one is the pvp spec, the other is for pve.

I opted out of SS. It's a good talent, but I find that I rarely have the chance to use it at full potential, so it was the expendable one.
what addons you got for your nameplates and health bars?

Very nice guide. Gotta give it to you
nice stuff. keep it up
Line of the day, "That's what they call !@#$%^--*!-@#$%^-hope-they-get-the-bridge-cleave."

Great videos. The playlist is nice too.
@ Jokr: I use Tidyplates (Cleanplates skin). Cleanplates hasn't been updated in a while, but it still works.

@Duncon: That made my night too. A name well deserved for that comp though ._.

Thanks for the feedback and bumps guys, playing on TR for the time being, I'll see what footage I can dig up there. Fraps videos > live stream recordings, so I hope to have some good fights up. :)
how is that rend is not in your action bars but it still gets applied. is it macro to some other ability?
new to warr here.

nice vids
It's macro'd to charge :) Works like a charm.

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