Reason y i wont resub after s.o.r.

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The graphics in this game allow people of multiple computing types play. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but it's the only MMO that doesn't hurt my eyes or make me tired when I play for longer than 20 minutes.

Edit: As an added note, I don't think we need to list all of the games that had 'pretty' graphics and have been a terrible addition to the gaming world (depending on your opinion, of course). As it was already stated, graphics don't make the game entirely what it is. You don't care about story or depth of characters or anything?
Only way I can play any computer games is on a laptop, so guess what, no shiny graphics are fine with me, as long as the games can be run on lower processing speeds, and lower video/graphics. Yippee!
I'd rather play a game with solid gameplay than a !@#$ game with cutting edge graphics.
04/17/2012 06:01 AMPosted by Dkstakeskill
15 bucks a month for these atari graphics? ROFL uh no......

Here's how I see it. Blizzard is between a rock and a hard place, graphically:

The rock: Blizzard knows full well that millions of their subscribers are playing WoW on older machines. A lot of them might have to close their sub if WoW jumps the graphics up, which would cost them a lot of money but also might cause a run on the bank, so to speak. There are trolls ready to cry doom at the slightest sign of a subscription drop.

(Also, the graphics aren't bad. The character models are a tad cartoony, but the animation in this mostly bug-free game is as smooth or smoother than anything out there. And if the graphics are still "ten years old," then why is my four year old computer having a slightly harder time running the game after every patch and expansion?)

The hard place: New content has to be the first priority of development dollars, which means that every couple of years a lot of new stuff using the current graphics engine gets added to an already vast gameworld. Creating the vanilla continents for the original launch took years, so how hard and expensive will it be to upgrade to a new graphics standard?

Blizzard will probably sneak in little graphics upgrades with each patch and expansion, gently nudging people in the direction of upgrading their computer. But won't this make it possible for all of those people who were trapped in WoW by old, slow machines to try out all sorts of new MMOs? WoW could lose a lot of customers via a gradual upgrade policy as well.

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