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So I removed my authenticator cause I broke my phone. And now when I try to log in, its still asking me to enter an authenticator number..any ideas?
How long ago did you remove the authenticator?
I did
Less than 1o minutes ago
Do I need to wait for servers to reset after maint?
This is when loging into the game?

It may have to deal with maintenance.. i would try again after maintenance is over.

Does it promt you still when going into account management.?
No, that stopped. So I was thinking it had to do with maintence. But I thought I'd ask before I call blizz and be like wtf
and yes it's only when logging into the game.
04/17/2012 08:02 AMPosted by Xavols
Less than 1o minutes ago

Account management changes can take up to 30 minutes to become active, which is probably why it was still asking.
Then im guessing it should clear up once servers are back up and everything can communicate properly that way.
If its off for account management, it has been removed.

just curious WHY you removed it ?
Ah ok, Thank you Kozzae hopefully that will work
Broke my phone....
Ah.. that would do it :)

I would just try and get one back on, as soon as you can :)

While its still not 100% proof.. it decreases hacks by ALOT.
There are reports of people on here.. who have removed it.. just long enough to wipe their device and resinstall it (so like 30mins to 1 hr)... and due to another comprimise, the hacker already had their login/password.. and low and behold, since the authenticator was now off.. HACK.
did you get on yet? because im having the same issue.
No I didn't it's still giving me that same thing
Still having this issue, I have a raid tonight HELP!!
04/17/2012 01:23 PMPosted by Xavols
Still having this issue, I have a raid tonight HELP!!

Your welcome to call Billing and Accounting Services if you want help with your account.

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