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I mean over the course of your entire time in wow.

I started the game as a warrior having come fresh from FFXI. Deathknights didn't exist yet, so warrior seemed like a good choice. I went tauren, cause I remembered those big taurens in WCIII putting out the hurt with their trees they'd whack at stuff with.

Found that I loved warrior pvp, and hated warrior pve.

Ended up going with a druid, enjoyed healing, played feral pre-1.10 (lol) in pvp cause it was fun and I'm a defiant sorta guy.

By the time BC came around, I was ready for something new. Paladins were a new class (to horde) and BE's were a new race (don't hate me!) so I levelled one up to 70. Tried out this new thing called "arena" - 5v5 - and quickly learned I hated being the center of attention. "Why didn't you dispel my fear? How did you die? Why didn't you heal me??" Yeah - no thx. So I started healing in Kara and spammed FoL till I thought my index finger was going to fall off. Ended up trying ret out (told you - I'm a rebel!) cause I was a BS and had lionheart or whatever it was called back then - the epic bs crated 2h sword.

WotLK came out - and it had special meaning to me. I mean it's the LICH KING man! One does not simply walk into his citadel... Anyway, it also allowed me to make this very fun to play DK! I was a Galk Dark Knight in FFXI, and now I could finally play a melee-caster with a big 2 handed weapon again. I was stoked. So stoked I kept it as my main throughout Cata (a record for me).

But now, sadly, I think I'll be moving on to a Panda Monk. I love the way the DPS is like DK dps in reverse, and the new healing concept (especially melee-healing) is just way too fun to pass up.

What's your story?
i started as a dwarf hunter 2 months after wrath came out, got to lvl 34 before quitting. came back 3 months later with the BC xpac and made a draenei paladin. played with that as my main until cata, switched to draenei shaman only because my guild was lacking healers at the end of wrath :( switching to a tank class so i can say i raided with every role as my main. (ret pally,resto shammmy,most likely blood dk)
Played on and off since late '04.

On my first account I played, over the years: hunter, priest, paladin, rogue, and then DK in LK.

Upon my return after a long time away I decided to start fresh with a new account and server. Made another hunter (to farm with and see the new quests) and this rogue to PVP and goof around with.

Will keep the rogue in MoP but will definitely try out Monk (like everyone else) at some point.
At launch, I rolled a Warrior and only got her to 28 before my guild rerolled on another server.

On that server I rolled a Paladin and played her to level 54 when my guild fell apart. I leveled the Pally Holy because I wanted to heal, but in vanilla, as it turned out, only Priests were considered viable 5-man healers.

So, when my guild fell apart, I rerolled on yet another server, and I rolled a Priest so I could heal. My Priest was my main through all of the rest of vanilla and I raided on her through MC, Ony, BWL, AQ, and the first 11 bosses in Naxx before BC launched.

When BC launched, I rolled a Draenei Shaman, because I wanted to help out my guild by getting a Shaman to 70 ASAP. I burned out pretty bad getting her to 70 so fast and by the time I got there, my guild was completely remade anyway, so I left that guild, but my Shaman continued to be my main through all of BC raiding from Kara through BT. My guild at the end of BC only made it into Sunwell after the 3.0 nerfs so I didn't bother with that, because it felt like cheating and not real progression.

When Wrath launched, I wanted to get back to my Priest as my main, because I missed being a Priest. I leveled her super fast (3rd 80 on my server). Again the new expansion sort of killed my guild and I ended up joining a new one. That guild was lacking for Holy Paladins and already had three other priests (this was back in 25-man raiding), so after briefly being the best geared toon on my server with my Priest, I switched to my Pally with the launch of Ulduar.

My Pally stayed my main through all of Wrath, but when they announced all the class changes for Cata, I decided I wanted to switch to my Druid as my main (no more tree form, yay!!!!). Unfortunately, as we were working out who would be our main progression raid team in Cata, we already had another Resto Druid and this was 10-man, so it ended up that we really needed my Shaman.

So, with the launch of Cata, I leveled my Shaman to 85 in 28 hours. Got her geared in heroic gear and started raiding with her the third day. Unfortunately, at the launch of Cata, Shaman healing and mana regen in 10-mans was soooooo bad as to make it almost unplayable. We figured out that even with the loss of my Shaman's caster haste buff, my Pally would be better for the raid. So I switched back to my Pally.

Before the launch of 4.2 I was really really burnt out on WoW. I had been raiding on three toons a week through all of BWD and BoT (my Shaman, Paladin, and Druid). I decided to just quit WoW altogether.

I managed to go almost an entire year without playing, but I got sucked back in. When I came back, the guild I'd raided with in Wrath and early Cata was gone, so I joined my current guild. They had need for a Resto Druid, so now this is my main.

When MoP launches, who knows which toon will be my main? All I know is it will be a healer!
I've changed mains 4 times, it happens because my first character to level cap ALWAYS ends up being screwed up and me not having the motivation to play that character.
When I first started playing WoW, I played a Female Human Mage. I quit before Wrath came out. I resubbed and my husband and I rolled Druids. She became my main and only capped character. At the end of Wrath, I leveled a Femsaken Priest for funsies. I got to cap right before Cata came out and really ♥'d healing on her. Then I had 2 mains: A DPS on my Druid and a healer on my Priest. Then I got laid off :( I had some extra time so I made a Femtaur Pally just for fun and ♥'d it too. And for once, I liked PvP'ing and my hubby had someone to PvP with ;p

Now I have 3 mains. They are all Horde and Femtaur now ;p

I have a PvE DPS, a PvE Healer, and a PvP Healer... now I just need a tank main >.> hmmm...

♥ Aune
My main started as a NE Rogue then I Made A DK That Was My Main For A Like 6mos Then Cata Came Out And I Made My Worgen Druid And Its Been My Main Since I Have Other Toons But Always Find Myself Coming Back To This Toon. It Will Probably Stay My Main Since Changing The GM Of My Guild To One Of My Alts Is A Pain
My mains have gone like this.

Classic World of Warcraft:

Hunter: Back in Vanilla I started playing thanks to my Dad. I made a Hunter almost EXACTLY like his.

The Burning Crusade:

Rogue: Sorta was my favorite side character to play back then, it for a brief time was my main as I hit it 70 before anything else in BC.

Priest: Mid-End of BC healed the easier raids and heroics on it.

Wrath of The Lich King:

Death Knight: Leveled it up right as WOTLK came out and I learned I didnt like it too much.

Pally: Class that is still currentley my main class but not the same character, Im on a diffrent realm now. Paladins just seem fun to me.

Mists of Pandaria:

Monk: Currently what I have seen on the beta of Monks I absolutely LOVE! I leveled one all the way up instead of waiting for Premades I love them that much. I hope they do not change too much by the end of the beta. I will definatly play them and if they are what I have played so far, it will be my new main.

(Yes I skipped Cataclysm, been a Paladin since mid Wotlk and am still now.)
Aengeal had been my main since early 2006 - and then my partner quit the game as well as pretty much the whole guild.

I don't have a main now. Just a lot of alts I tinker around on.
I played multiple different toons when I first started out. Then once my mage hit 55, I made a DK. She was my main for the rest of Wrath, until cata came out. I leveled her to 85...but that was when the dps queues were freaking long and for whatever reason I just didnt enjoy dpsing on her anymore.

In came my resto shaman, who I absolutely began to love while I was finishing leveling her. She has been my main ever since. She most likely will be for most of the future as well. I love healing, and I am the only resto shaman in the guild. They would probably disown me if I tried to switch to something else. >.>
I originally started as a hunter. After I hit 60 I switched servers to play with a friend and rolled a mage. I played my mage regularly through BC and Wrath. I decided to roll a Troll Druid when Cata came out, and well... yeah, my new main is my Druid.
My first main was a troll enhancement shaman on Illidan. I was in a pretty good progression guild that eventually fizzled due to large personalities clashing and good ole' Illidrama.
I quit the game and when I came back in Cata, I decided that if they'd changed all the classes as drastically as I'd heard they had, there was no point in playing the same toon as I used to.

Did some light pugging of Tier 11 and 12 in a very small guild on Farstriders and when LFR came out decided that Arcane was incredibly boring and made an !@# ton of alts. I currently have no main. Nerb doesn't get played much.
haha I find these stories fascinating. @ kraylune, you are ridiculous... I dont know how you didnt get burned out well before then :)

My very first toon was a little druid on a pve server, then went to rogue & hunter. My first main was probably a mage I rerolled on another server (pvp) this time. He got up to about 42 but stopped for a while as I didnt even have a credit card back then and my card had ran out... haha. I then rolled a druid (came full circle cuz I had a lot of lvl 20 alts haha) on another server to play with an RL friend and that server became my home until cata. He is still what I consider my "main" to this day.

I lvl'd a warrior kinda alongside this guy and he was my first 60 as this guy hit the wall at 54. Couldn't 5 man, couldn't quest/grind (was resto), and was too low for end game. I joined a raiding guild and they were looking for druid healers and since I didnt really have a desire to raid tank on my warr... He was my 2nd 60 but he is who I raided with and lvl'd through bc and wotlk. I ended up spinning the warr off onto another account so my friend and I could play together and that account were my first 85's when cata hit. I lvl'd a mage during wotlk as well and that was my 2nd 85 and my 2nd fav char prolly. That account is inactive currently but holds my warr and mage. Both 85 but quit a little after 4.2. This account now holds my main, this guy, and another mage (SoR) he's 84 now haha.

So long story short, My mains' shifted between my warr and druid, then my warr and mage, then back to my druid, but everyone knows I consider this guy to be my main :)
I've only ever done it once, which was in late Wrath, where I mained my DK tank since that was needed of me.

I burned out on that pretty fast and I dusted off my Warlock just before troll heroics hit. I like playing my DK, but I hate raiding on it. Warlocks are so much more enjoyable.
I started as a Paladin, then I got bored with it and rolled a Mage. I loved my Mage, did top DPS with my Mage, but then I got tired of my two button rotation.. Switched back to the Pally, healed for the rest of the xpac.
This whole xpac, I did nothing but PvP until my old friends told me to come to Area 52 and raid with them. Rolled this Priest, and have loved it ever since. I'm going to keep this as my main for a very long time, never been happier.
Will race change in MoP from Male Blood-Elf Priest to Female Pandaren (H) Priest


cause female pandaren are so kawaii~~~~~~~~~~~

and because of their racial buffs :3
I played a warrior all through wrath and most of cata so far. So yeah went mage so could kill things.
I have a number alts and enjoy playing them all but this is my main and always will be.

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