<Vox Radix> GDKP's 4/14 & 4/15

Please be sure to let me know which run you want to go to, these are two seperate 8/8 runs.

IF YOU PLAN ON COMING FOR 1-2 PIECES, ESPECIALLY CUNNING/VIAL/BONELINK ONLY, THIS IS NOT THE RUN FOR YOU. If you don't need/want gear, and expect to skim some free gold from the run, its not going to happen.

What is GDKP?
GDKP is a system where every piece of loot that drops is auctioned off to the highest bidder in the raid. It’s essentially a fair system that avoids MOST loot drama (for the right price :P).

All gold obtained from the 25 raiders is put into "the pot" held by either myself or one of the two other promoted members in the raid. At the end of the run, all gold in "the pot" will be divided by 25 and distributed to each member of the raid.

For example:

500,000g is in the pot at the end of the run.
500,000g divided by 25:
20,000g is given to each of the 25 members of the raid.

How do I get in?
Easy. Either send in-game mail to myself (Kione) or post directly below with the following: character name, character spec, highest Dragon Soul experience (and on which character), amount of gold willing to spend (most raiders come with at least 50k).

An example would look like this:

Taylorgang – Prot Pally/Ret DPS
8/8 (2/8HM) Dragon Soul Exp (6/8 HM on Matthewbaby)
150k+ To spend.
Saturday Run Only

What Kind Of Players Are You Looking For?
Either alts that have HM experience on their mains or mains with 6/8+ normal experience. It’s important to let me know, if signing up on an alt, your experience on your main. I’m not interested in your alts experience if your main has HM’s killed. I’m looking at skill > gold this time around friends.

Attitude is also very important. We had a lot of fun doing these back in Firelands and I don’t think I ever had to remove someone for being rude or disrespectful to anyone during a run. This doesn’t mean I won’t though. I’m ruthless…rawr.

Once you prove to me that you’re a respectable and competent player, your spot will be sealed in my run. You will own that spot each week and will only be ASKED to sit if you have no more needed upgrades and there’s richer buyers I’m trying to cycle in.

Note: Everyone is a buyer. I am a buyer. Promoted members helping me run the raid are buyers. You are a buyer. Please do not whisper me in game if you can come as a “carry” …I will most likely cry.

Loot Pricing: Minimum Bids.
397 Non-Tier: 2,500
397 Weapons and Trinkets: 5,000
397 Tier: 7,000
403 Non-Tier: 5,000
403 Weapons and Trinkets: 10,000
410 Non-Tier: 7,000
410 Weapons and Trinkets: 15,000
410 Tier: 15,000

These are only the minimum required bids for each item. All bids will be in increments of 500g. Raiders will have 30 seconds to begin bidding on each item as it is displayed in raid. Each new bid adds another 5 seconds to the timer but never exceeding the total of 30 seconds.
Sat 4/14 - 3pm

1 Miaoshan - Blood DK
2 Taylorgang - Prot Pally

3 Papalandu - Holy Pally
4 Azodea - Resto Shaman
5 boodikka - holy pally
6 Zahmara
7 Priestmiroku
8 Skinksqt

9 Magastrasza: Retadin
10 Thotful: feral dps
11 Misschevious - Warlock
12 Soundeffects
13 Vitaminwater
14 Nawp
15 Vynielis frost dk
16 Phrozenfury - Fire mage
17 pcar warlock
18 Anjeliq
19 Kiona - feral
20 swagged
21 Thetick - Elemental
22 Autothugz - (Survival Hunter)
23 Binkqt - Combat Rogue
24 Seasoning
25 Sasuke
Sun 4/15 - 3pm

1 Conniebear - Feral tank/Prot Warrior
2 Estrellas - Feral Tank

3 Holabear (resto druid)
4 Synzar - Holy Pally
5 Bigswig
6 Astraeus
7 invincible holy pally
8 Skunksqt

9 Bawfredo - Rogue
10 Necronomica - Frost DK
11 Noriaki – Balance Druid
12 seraphing - combat rogue
13 Morganrofl
14 Blackkidlawl - Arms
15 Virulance - Ret paladin
16 Mzslamwich
17 Kiona - hunter
18 spadez
19 Jkthebest - lock
20 Mothafujones - Mage
21 Binkard - Hunter
22 Rrengee Feral/DK
23 Bigbrenner – Fire mage
24 Thotful - Feral
25 Katnisz - Hunter
Miaoshan - Blood DK

8/8 HM experience


Saturday only.
Conniebear - Feral tank

Over 80k to spend.

Sunday only.
Bawfredo - Rogue (least geared)

Papalandu - Holy Pally / Hunex - Arms warrior

8/8 HM


Azodea/Synzar (resto shaman/holy pally)
Both runs
8/8 hm


Holabear (resto druid)
Magastrasza: Retadin
Dunyaza: Resto Druid

Both runs
Thotful: feral dps/tank
8/8(1/8H) & (2/8H on Panderboss)
100k to spend
Misschevious - Warlock 1/8 HM
Necronomica - Frost DK 1/8 HM

125k+ to spend.
Noriaki – Balance Druid
1/8 HM Dragon Soul (8/8 HM on Nomura)
100k+ To spend.
Sunday Run Only
5/8 heroic
Sat run
seraphing - combat rogue

8/8 heroic on my main (glk@skullcrusher)


pref. sunday

do not need quest items
Vitaminwater Saturday Run
Morganrofl Sunday Run

Nawp Saturday Run as well

Both 150k+
Vynielis frost dk
2/8 heroic main
70k+ to spend
Bigbrenner – Fire mage
8/8 (1/8HM) Dragon Soul Exp on Bigbrenner (6/8 HM on Magezlól)
120k To spend.
Either run is fine.
Blackkidlawl - Arms/Prot Warrior (Pref arms but tank is better geared)
8/8 (1/8) hm
55k to spend
Virulance - Ret paladin 396ilvl
120k to spend
Sunday only can not make Saturday this week :D
Phrozenfury - Fire mage 394 ilvl
75k to spend
sat run only
8/8 norm 1/8 HM
pcar warlock
1/8 hm
saturday please


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