<Vox Radix> GDKP's 4/14 & 4/15


Resto Druid

75k +

Moonkin 1/8 HM


For the SATURDAY run this week :O
Mzslamwich - Prot/arms warrior
2/8 hm
either run
priest/shammy to whichever run idc
Druid and hunter/shaman
some experience
some gold
Boodikka- Holy Paladin
154k to spend
Sat run
8/8 Combat Rogue
Collecting Shards

Hoping to come Saturday, but I'll be at a family event earlier in the day - not sure how long it'll run.
If not Saturday, I'll be there Sunday for sure.
Spadez - Combat rogue - 394 ilvl
8/8 25M, 1/8 25MH
200K+ to spend

either, would much rather be there for Saturday's raid, but I can be there Sunday if needed.
Estrellas - Feral
Thetick - Elemental
1/8 HM Dragon Soul (8/8 HM on Savege)
100k+ To spend.
Seasoning - Enhance
7/8 Normal
Rrengee Feral 398ilvl pve
8/8 normal 4/8hm assorted melee dps

Retribrute Ret pally 395 ilvl pve
8/8 normal 4/8hm assorted melee dps

100k to spend:)
Sunday only busy on Saturday:)
Autothugz - (Survival Hunter) 8/8 and 1/8 HM

7/8 HM on main. (Jazzpâh)

250k+ gold to spend.

Saturday! <3

Thanks heaps
Binkqt - Combat Rogue
4/8 HM (8/8 HM on Selbink)

Binkard - Hunter
8/8 Normal (8/8 HM on Selbink)

50k xoxo
Thotful: panderboss - combat
8/8(1/8H) & (2/8H on Panderboss)
100k to spend

edit: have to go on rogue instead since we were missing tank in main group**
Furballs - Feral Dps 396 ilvl
30k to spend
sunday's run
8/8 2/8HM DS xp
xferring my hunter over for Sunday run! hopefully will be here in time ;)

381 ilvl & 70k+ to spend!

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