Assassination Rogue for PVP

I have a lot of fun with PVP on my rogue but I really want to be able to do that with my assassination build. Everyone is telling me that I should go sub for BG, RBG or Arena, but its just not getting the numbers that I would like and I still die a lot with out being able to finish off my target. I am still very much not ready for RBG or Arena but I would appreciate any help that you can offer and thanks for the help.
P.S. just started playing my rogue again since BC and am not sure how / when to use things like smoke bomb.
i suggest waiting for MoP to go asn pvp. for now its not THAT bad if you dont plan on playing very seriously. i mean vendetta's kinda cool and poisons do bypass armor. however, what really makes sub and breaks all other rogue specs in pvp can be reduced to one spell.


you just cant live without it. rogue mobility is horrible without it. you'll get kited like a !@#$%.
Sub spec might feel a little bit painful off the bat when you don't have the best gear at your disposal. Later on though the damage is very rewarding, and the utilities within the spec are just unbeatable.

Get to backstabbing my friend :P it will be worth it in the end I promise.

Assassination is going to leave you slow walking helplessly around while all the people with utilities smash you to bits before you get to use your superior attacks. Its not worth it.
I don't understand why some of you like assassination so much.

Assassination is so boring and plain. All you do is sit on a target and train it all day long. Swapping is difficult, you're constantly energy starved and always kited by every class in the game.

Sub is so much more versatile, better mobility, more control, can swap anytime and just about everything better than assassination. Our gear is scaling better with sub than it is for assassination so sub is starting to do more damage already along with our incredible burst with dance.

I've played both specs. Assassination is incredibly boring. It's almost like training a moving target dummy.
For an example PvP Mut spec, see mine.

Some points you can shift from things like blackjack, or improved recup, or precision (I recommend precision till higher gear levels, around 50/50 S11 cata and ruth is when you can noticeably pull points from precision for other stats) If you take imp recup with deadened nerves it gives you ~1.7k resil worth of damage reduction, 1k without recup up.

Compared to a sub rogue you will be overall gimped due to lack of mobility, but if you can stay on target sub rogue damage won't even touch your own over the long run.

For glyphs, I recommend my own, but they are not as set in stone. I would advise against Glyph of Vendetta, though it lets you get extra damage for another 6 seconds, being able to refresh 2 abilities and keep your normal sustained damage finisher up for another 6 seconds max and not worry about it dropping (meaning timing a KS or getting enough CPs for ANY ability) is much easier.

You will want to run wound/deadly on your weapons, instant/deady in BGs when they have no healers OR you have someone else who can easily apply the healing debuff

Try to save Vendetta for when you have Cold Blood available, and you can stay on target for at least 6 seconds, giving you the time to build 5 CPs to a CB envenom, which depending on your gear and theirs, can hit for 24k on resil targets. Vendetta is your burst CD, another reason why the glyph isn't as good, your target is supposed to die before it wears off.

Get 95 spell pen. Since much of your damage is poisons, and therefore nature resistance, the only thing that will out-resist you is a hunter, and no hunter in their right mind uses aspect of nature. Get the 95 spell pen (cloak enchant with 1 blue gem will do it) and your poisons won't be resisted

Not a fully comprehensive list, but a lot of general things

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