Another 250,000 Beta Invites Are Heading Out

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A few moments ago, we initialized a new wave of 250,000 invitations to the Mists of Pandaria beta test. These are all invitations for World of Warcraft Annual Pass subscribers, and it should be a few hours before the e-mail notifications for all recipients have been sent.

If you want to make absolutely sure that you got an invite, just check your games list in Account Services.

As always, thank you very much for your enthusiasm in helping test Mists of Pandaria. We really appreciate your feedback.

Edit: FIRST! But I still didn't get an invite. Have fun guys.
nice nice
Maybe Ill get in this time... maybe not!
YAY!!!! pick me pick me!!!!
Nice always when i make threads about when the next beta wave is haha
Hopefully I will get in.
I love you.

I hope I get in this wave!
Woot! Hopefully I get my invite this round!! Can't wait to test!
F5 F5 F5
And I STILL don't have mine.
Good Luck Everyone, see ya in the beta !!
So is this like last week where it will take 24 hours for the invites to all go out, or am I already SoL for another week?

Edit: Just checked my Bnet account and sure enough I got an invite, to DiabloIII... thanks kinda... #800kandstillcounting

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