Another 250,000 Beta Invites Are Heading Out

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Hmmm Just my luck being that it was sent on friday the 13th they probably sent me the wrong beta invite...
From what I understand, the Diablo beta wave was for a server stress test, hence it happening so close to the final release.
Got D3 beta but Who cares! I want mop!
Been two days now, still no invite. Why do you lie to me Kaivax?
Why is everyone so tight about getting a dang beta key, do you realize there are better things than this? Have you gone outside lately?

more than 45 minutes?

Have you decided that its too cold (or warm) out?

Well then I have a deal for you!

Its called
you will never guess it
::: A HOBBY :::Just came from outside. Still no beta key.

I lol'd.
04/13/2012 11:41 PMPosted by Deziil
Are you serious blizzard? I have been playing since vanilla, I have played Diablo since release date, and I even played Warcraft III from release date. I have had an active subscription throughout the years as well. Not to mention I have a decent following on YouTube. How am I put in the last wave of beta? This is ridiculous.

Somebody has a sore epeen.
I got two D3 beta invites, maybe one was supposed to be MoP? Hook me up blizz ;)
It was raining pretty good all day yesterday and we are supposed to get more rain today.

My niece is having a birthday party for her little boy. He's turning 5. She wants to have it in the park but she didn't rent any pavilions. If our luck holds, it will be nice for his party.
Community Manager
A few moments ago, we initialized a new wave of 250,000 invitations to the Mists of Pandaria beta test. These are all invitations for World of Warcraft Annual Pass subscribers, and it should be a few hours before the e-mail notifications for all recipients have been sent.

It says ALL AP holders should get theirs. It's been 2 days, where's mine?
Ya u right man ive been playing since vanilla tooo l
who wants ice cream :)
04/14/2012 03:59 AMPosted by Brandeld
The reason so many people are complaining or "whining" as you put it is that we feel lied to, swindled and left out

Lied to over and over again. No room for interpretation.
i got mine but the stupid game doesnt work worth s***
Then Where is mine? i still have not recieved mine and it's been 2 days since this announcement. :(
and i am subscribed since the subscription was announced! really upset as i have the mount, i have diablo 3 in my list BUT NO mop beta :( 12 moth subscript and still no invite com on bliz I should get what i paid for.
lol this is a joke.

Where's my invite. I got the annual pass on the first day we could get, I've been playing for god knows how many years, what the hell?

I want mine. Now.
you guys do realize this wave ended awhile ago and was posted as such by a CS rep so if you didn't get it your gonna have to wait for the next wave and what the blue meant wasn't all AP will be in this wave it meant that the wave was ONLY AP so no opt ins

edit: to clarify some things
This wave of invites to the Mists of Pandaria beta has just completed. All accounts included in this wave now have the beta available for download from your account management page.

The e-mail notifications for invites are still underway, and look like they will be for quite some time.

Thanks again!
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