Another 250,000 Beta Invites Are Heading Out

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Does anybody know how Blizz determines your sub date? The reason I ask is because when I first got the game I used a couple two-month sub cards. It wasn't until a few months after I started playing that I went to the monthly payment method.

Is your subscription date determined by when you created your account or when you started paying the monthly fee?

Sorry if it's a dumb question.
And... not again! :D
beta is going to be up for a really long time everyone should just be patient
Just checked my account info while killing time at work, got my Beta invite today.

Subbed: January 2007 with the launch of TBC -> Present (solidly paid, subscribed, and played the entire time)

Signed up for the annual pass: October 21, 2011
Also should mention, my computer is a beast, so it wasn't that my invite was held off based on poor system quality.

Note: I DO have my beta key and am allowed to download it right now, however, I HAVE NOT yet received an email from Blizz stating anything to this effect.

When in doubt, check your account! lol
thank you so muhc blizzard i just got mine
I think if they do something like this again it should just be date you bought annual pass would be a bit more happy id say considering the vast range of people that get the invite. i woulda gave people that went and got there AP asap a idea on when there getting in ect. cause if acct age + ap are into account the range on some of these are rediculous it makes u more frusted seeing people with ap later then you get in and younger accounts and vice versa. next time just do the day u buy it so people will have a better understanding of the time frame there looking at. instead of playing refresh game every week and getting frustrated
Received my invite between 12PM and 2:40PM CST. Good luck everyone else.

No e-mail yet but the the license is listed under account summary. Account created April '05 and AP sign-up on 10/21/11. 43 paid months.

Have faith guys, IT FINALLY HAPPENED!
just got mine a few mins ago
They shouldn't do AP again was just a bad idea from the get go
I still havnt gotten my invite yet and i am AP. Do I have to wait longer or am i not getting a invite cuz i signed up for AP after MoP went into beta.
I must say some of the people here need to chill big time. XD Seriously, cussing out Blizzard and acting like spoiled brats isn't going to make the RNG work any more in your favor.
Just got the Beta this afternoon. Checked at 8:00A.M. Pacific, no luck. Checked again at 1:00p.m. Pacific and got the MOP BETA installer. They are still sending them out so people still have a chance.

Joined: 10/5/2005
Paid: Around 3 years of cumulative subscription
Annual Pass: 3 days after the offer started

Just about gave hope until now!!! Kinda sad that now I don't even have any time to enjoy it because of College.
04/12/2012 01:04 PMPosted by Zzeill
I must say some of the people here need to chill big time. XD Seriously, cussing out Blizzard and acting like spoiled brats isn't going to make the RNG work any more in your favor.

Not that they should QQ, but blizz did state beta invites would be handed out based on total sub time and when you signed up for AP. So the peeps with 04/05 accounts still not in yet when they picked up AP first day.. Something is off.
Finally got the invite, playing since Day 1 AP Day 1. Some breaks in between.
Original Sub date: Nov 23, 2004
No lapse in subscription
AP sign up: few minutes after beta invite.

I'm betting I'll be in the final 200k invites...or worse, I'll be forgotten! lol. Seriously though, don't announce how the invites are going to work, and then just make them totally random!
I've been off and on since January 09, signed up for AP 21st of March. What are my odds?
Finally got the invite! Mostly succeeded waiting patiently for this thing. Been playing since 2005 and got AP end of October. Thank you Blizz!!
Signed up for the AP last year, but sadly have not gotten a Beta Invite yet. Looking forward to trying out all the new content.

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