Pathetic DpS

Why? Inspect me. Ignore the affliction sub spec, its just an experiment. Worse DPS then my fail demo spec. I know the rotations. 18K is a good day.

Suggestions? What are your single targ rotations>

Pre-pot before pull, Curse of the elements, shadowbolt (for 5% spell crit debuff on target) haunt, bane of doom, UA, corruption, shadowbolt filler, haunt on CD. also use shadowflame on cd if you are in melee range. When your target hits 25% health stop shadowbolt and go drain life. Use your doomguard when all your int procs are on to maximise its dps. I havent actually played afflic for a while and this is just the basics, in order to maximise your DoTT damage you need to know how to clip your DoTT's or whether to let them fall off based on any int/haste procs you may have. Check elitistjerks they would explain a lot better than me :) goodluck.

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