Mining and skinning or mining and herb?

im on my level 8 alt and going to be a healer
I liked skinning on my hunter because I was killing mobs anyway as I leveled up. It was nice not to have to stop and go farm a node I see off in the distance. Just kill, auto-loot, skin, auto-loot, and move on. Plus, I think skin prices tend to be higher than the equivalent level ore or herbs because it seems like fewer people are willing to go back and kill low-level mobs to farm leather than they are to go flying around low-level zones for mining/herb nodes.
I usually go for Mining and Herbalism, at least while you are leveling.
Herbs are used by both Alchemists and Scribes.
Ore is used by Blacksmiths, Engineers and Jewelcrafters.
Leather is used by...Leatherworkers only (for the most part).

Couple that with not getting XP from Skinning, whilst Herb or Ore nodes both grant XP when used, and it makes Herbalism and Mining a very attractive combo for an alt.

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