New paladin with a few questions

I am currently leveling my paladin to 85, in the hopes of making it my absolute permanent main, I just have a few questions:

1) How is the dps? How is the healing?
2) How is the survivability in pvp?
3) are the specs challenging? In other words, I don't wanna be spamming one move the entire time
4) overall, are they worth having as a permanent main?

I am hoping to have my pally as my permanent main, I am enjoying it very much, I don't think I'll ever be switching to another class besides pally, please and thank you for the help :)
Paladin's make very good mains. As for your questions:

1. Retribution Paladins do a far amount of DPS, although now that they use the holy power resource and proc-ing talents, they are a bit random and bursty due to rng. I don't like playing as Ret now; I preferred the "spam it when it's not on cooldown" playstyle in Wrath. Holy paladins are great healers. They are the most popular arena healers due to their survivability (plate) and utility.

2. Next to Death Knights, I would say a well-played paladin has great survivability, bringing lay on Hands, Divine Protection and other abilities to the table. My one complaint would be the lack of a movement increase cooldown (Pursuit of Justice and talented-Judgement are the only two increases)

3. The specs are easy to learn but more difficult to master. Many argue that Protection is the easiest tank spec, but I still love it. Being able to solo old content was a big plus for me.

4. Fo sho.
That's true, everyone makes great points, so I'll definitely be holy and ret still seems fun to me, I am thinking of going holy ms/ret OS, thanks for the help, this is absolutely my permanent main :)
Id agree with the majority of the sentiments that Gilderon has but will add to it.

Ret=RNG Hell and inquisition is a clunky mechanic and more poorly executed than the similar Slice and Dice mechanic of the rogue Holy power works the worst for ret of all 3 specs.

Prot.. Fairly ez mode tanking but like stated if u use your whole toolkit and play pro a hard tank to do better than although block tanks are weaker right now than bears and DKs because of how OP their absorbs are in comparison as well as both of them being better at soaking Magic Damage than a block tank. Dks have AMS and Druids just get a base reduction in magic damage in the resto tree if u spec into it a flat percent reduction.

Holy though... Oh my friend how fun has holy gotten. Not that I have great comparison to other healers because the only other healer I played much at all this xpac was my Disc Priest. and a brief stint as a Resto Druid which I just couldn't get my head wrapped around so she became feral again. But Holy Pallys are SO fun. PVP wise we are amazing and I generally have 0 issues keeping people up at all.

This was my original main then I mained a Shammy for most of Wrath before my guild decided to try to force me to be a healer in ICC so I switched over to a DK main and this xpac i really don't have a main cuz I have 8 level 85s and just play them all a little here and there but my biggest time investment this xpac has definitely been on my Pally and I have had a good time with it. So keep at it and you will be happy with your choice.
Yeah Ahndariel you have taken a lot of this guy's playtime away from me. He likes tanking on me a lot more than he likes it when he logs you in.
Yeah and the fail that DKs became with the 4.0 patch and the "improved" rune system and how badly that works in comparison to the 3.0 rune system basically had him shelf me for this entire xpac and he hardly paid any attention to me at all... so PFFT /spit on both of you
Im not really sure what I did to make our master mad. He sharded my entire Elemental/Resto sets and forced me to pick up axes and hack at stuff.. /tear... I thought he loved me
Haha Sis he got me the mace off of Deathwing and u haven't gotten squat off of him .. I even have a higher ilvl than u do lol lol lol...
To heck with all of you I was the first toon he ever rolled and do you think that he can even be bothered to get me to 85 not until very recently and just look at how shabby my gear is. I guess he can't be bothered to spend long times in queue with me anymore so I cry myself to sleep every night
Calm down you guys sheesh...
Yeah I don't know what you are all whining about maybe because I was just born I am his baby but he has been playing with me a lot lately Im sorry your old sour g r a p e s can't be as fun to play as I am but :P to all of u I want my season 11 gear so get over yourselves and let him play with me...
Okay, so I'm definitely going holy :)
Really man most of the toons I posted on I enjoy to some extend maybe least of all the Warlock but the caster thing just isn't my bag anymore.

You would definitely not regret rolling a Druid though they are loads of fun very versitile and next xpac they can be mounts.. I can't wait to get someone to mount up on me and run off a cliff pop flight form and watch them fall to their death...
Pallies are by far my favorite class because of the flexibility.

I go prot as my main spec and they make excellent tanks especially with the amount of utility they have to improve survivability.

Ret is my off-spec and I usually fall 1-3 on the DPS meters in our 10 man raid. Like others have said, ret is a lot of RNG but can burst up to 70k if your well geared. Maintaining sustained DPS is the hard part but usually the burst will help with that.

I havnt healed as holy yet because it's one of my least favorite things to do, but holy pallies are some of the best as of right now.

As you can see, all paladin specs are very viable and make for a great main toon.
Here I play all 3 spec's in PvP / PvE

Ret-PvE Isnt clunky when you get your 2p T13. and does really good dps on most fights it does have little problem with rng but thats what makes class little fun at times.

Ret-PvP Is huge burst and tons of off healing goodness we are prone to getting kited and buff steal but time and development of skill gives you counters to that by no means op but can be In a good spot.

Holy-PvE Holy is by far the strongest healer class right now hands down for aoeing healing plus alot of abuse of BoL puts out great amount single target heals.

Holy-Pvp is great alot of mana controle but dosnt bring the cc that disc brings or shammy brings We are more of Rbg healer then 2or 3 healer

Prot-Pve Best tank this whole xpack and just crazy op with cd's so ya thats alll

Prot-PvP = worthless
Permanent Main? I wouldn't worry about the current expansion. Instead, pay attention to whats coming out in MoP, as there will be a lot of changes coming to all of the classes.
Yeah thats so true. I figured my DK would be the main I kept forever with the whole DPS or Tank in any tree thing and then 4.0 drops I lose Blood DPS spec and they put a Fail rune system in and poof I no longer like my DK they way I did...
True, okay so pally or Druid then?

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