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04/13/2012 06:46 PMPosted by Gelmina
Well first you have to acknowledge the difference between people "saying" they have SA and people who really do have SA. A lot of people will say "I have SA, that's why I act like a jerk, have no social skills, don't want anybody to bother me, and want to lock myself in the house and never come out so that I never have to have my illusions challenged."

This is just wrong. Most people who realy know what Social Anxiety is wouldn't tell people they have it if they don't have too. The number one reason is that it marks you. When someone finds out you have scoial anxiety they look at you differently. Some think off the bat your a faker and making excuses. Others just think you are weak. Either way its not something that most people share openly unless they have too.

My own situation is a little different. I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder. Because I wasn't thinking right I isolated myself for years. My SA was pretty much caused by that isolation. As I get use to things again, its getting better, a little every day. There are still bad days though. I recall being so panicked and embarresed after messing up in a dungeon that I server changed and then later that day cancelled my account. That was without anyone actually mentioning my goof up. I'd like to think I'm past that, and never going back to that point though.

Good Luck to you guys setting up on Wyrmrest. I have a character or two there, I might check it out. <--- Wikipedia entry on Social Anxiety (SA)

It doesn't say much in there about SA afflicted persons as being megalomaniacs as this Gelmina person seems to think that they are. Perhaps a study on the behavioral and physiological aspects of the disorder are in order before loud claims are to be made. It only takes a quick google search. Don't make judgments before you fully understand something.

On a lighter note - For anyone with Asperger's, or something similar it can be challenging to interperit social interactions. But don't think of it as a "disease" or a "disorder". it is just an aspect of life that ... well, is. The best thing to do is to make every day a new challenge and learn about more about yourself, more about what is afflicting you, so you can make progress in your challenges. I do everyday, at my job and at home. Some days really suck and others are better. But you have to keep going.
04/13/2012 05:53 PMPosted by Gelmina
But the majority of cases, especially those involving kids (and let's be honest, most adults...probably moreso the adults) that play MMO's, are hardly clinical cases.

I'd like to see your source to back this up.

04/13/2012 06:19 PMPosted by Gelmina
That might be true, but if I was suffering from a legitimate mental disorder I'd be pretty peeved if the guy next to me was making light of my condition just because he doesn't want to admit that he thinks he's better than everybody else and doesn't want to leave the house to have that illusion challenged.

04/13/2012 06:22 PMPosted by Gelmina
I just wish you acknowledge that I've made a fair argument

Except you haven't. You have zero basis for your argument. All I see are opinions about the legitimacy of SAD in people.
04/13/2012 08:12 PMPosted by Zipzo
"You don't know what it's like because you don't have it, therefore you are unable to comment"

I didn't say that. You're more than free to comment, but drop the condescending tone. It just comes off as a weak tactic to unseat me from my argument, while it just weakens yours. Presentation matters if you wish for people to see your argument/opinion and understand it. If you lace your opinions with snide, sarcastic and condescending comments, that is all anyone is going to see and/or react to.

Psychiatry is still debated to this day on whether it's even a valid form of medical practice. I've been to whole museums dedicated to anti-psychiatry measures. Psychiatry has close to nothing to do with a social anxiety disorder.

Psychiatry is the study, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. SAD = mental disorder.

Humans are not dogs. Thank you for clearing that up for me. Obviously I'm very aware of this, I was simply illustrating a similarity in how we grow as mammals. We are a product of our experiences, and we learn by doing. Not by enlightening ourselves instantaneously like a psychic.

You totally missed my point then. The ONLY similarity is that we gain our behaviors from both hereditary and environmental factors. I've seen well socialized dogs become wrecks due to a traumatic experience. One of my boys had a full size TV camera and tripod slam down behind him. He was never the same again, even after years of my endeavors to "cure" him of it by taking him everywhere with me.

I don't need to know anything about psychiatry to know that you get over a fear by facing it. That's not just with social anxiety, it's with all fears.

No doubt that part of that is true, but it doesn't happen as quickly as you made it out to be in your initial statement about this. A month? A year? Speed of recovery is entirely based on severity. Some will never recover.
being afraid of spiders is way better than being afraid of people because our society is not run by spiders
I'm terrified of tanking because of this , afraid of failure and ridicule. It's hard to keep a clear head throughout, and when you don't have a clear head or are relaxed you mess up, it's a vicious cycle and is hard to correct. Like you said it's just a game so, I don't bother with tanking anymore. We're suppose to have fun.

Edit: However, I'm very comfortable healing even though it's a "responsibility" role (dps is the only true carefree role) but anyway, maybe because I'm in the back of the group instead of in the spotlight.
Hello, I'm the socially awkward Paladin. :3
Sad to say but the only way to overcome those fears is to face them. If someone doesnt interact then delves into a game like this to compensate or can't even do it in a game, I would suggest they get some help, cancel their account, and go out in the world to face their fear. Before they know it they will be old and gray and realize they wasted a good chunk of their life that otherwise could have been much more rewarding with social interaction/relationships.
At the end of the day, this is a paragraph of boisterous excuses. If you want to fend for your disorder, by all means keep at it, if you're looking to make a change...take the leap and heed my advice.

I never said that it was going to be easy, it is for damn sure quite simple, but I never said it was going to be a walk in the park to accomplish, but it is finitely the only available way to circumvent your issue. So do it. It might take a few days, months, maybe close to a year but it will work, and it will work fast. The only thing preventing you from getting better is you.

The only thing preventing you from getting better is you. Take initiative, and stop blaming your problems like a crutch.

I'm not defending not doing anything, I'm pointing out you don't know what your talking about. Which is why your advice is poor. Also I don't remember saying people should use it as a crutch. In fact I said..

04/13/2012 09:28 AMPosted by Zipzo
The relief of this comes from being around others and being able to discuss it (regardless of the avenue taken e.g. online, helpline, group) as well as therapy.

Obviously someone will have to go out eventually, I think that's kind of a given. For some there are underlying issues that need taken care of before that attempt.

Psychiatry is still debated to this day on whether it's even a valid form of medical practice. I've been to whole museums dedicated to anti-psychiatry measures. Psychiatry has close to nothing to do with a social anxiety disorder.

Do you have any idea what psychiatry used to employ on their patients? Shock treatment? Water Boarding? Shall I go on?

Where do you get your information? I would like to see where actual medical professionals are debating the effectiveness of the mental health industry.

I hope your not talking about the Scientology owned and funded one in Hollywood. Those measures were employed when there was still little information and research done. You know kind of like how as a society we would drill holes in people heads because they had a headache and they thought it was demons. What about the burning of "witches" and the whole origin of where bless you came from when you sneeze. Not to mention the countless experiments the government has put on its own soldiers. You are trying to debunk psychiatry with old information and opinion and not fact and well researched statistics.

Your entitled to your opinion, but it won't hold weight when you don't have experience, knowledge, or both.
That is the exact reason that I don't pug raids or do Battle grounds. I do great with a group of guildies but in a group of randoms, I won't say a word.
The hardest time for me is raiding DS with my guild mates. Causing a wipe is my GREATEST FEAR. And being a tank its not hard to do. I can tank the first four bosses with little anxiety, but as soon as we loot hagara my heart starts beating uncontrollably fast because I know that my raid is about to end with ultraxion.

I'm a very confident person, I'm very confident in my ability to tank, I know 95% percent of all the dungeons and raids, so I'm a capable guide, but ultraxion is my Achilles heel. I know the mechanics of the fight, but i have a mental block when it comes to executing. Hearing the disappointment and frustration(even anger and astonishment) in my guild mates voices after I wipe the raid five times in a row is the hardest thing I've faced playing WoW. I'm afraid to get back in guild vent for fear of ridicule, and I only run the first half of LFR now because of my inability to tank ultraxion.

My point is that anxiety is not just a problem of the meek or socially awkward, it affects even the most confident of players.
I don't know whether I actually have social anxiety or not. I haven't seen a doctor; the best I've done is talked to my friend who's currently in university for psychiatry. I'm not on medication; I hate the thought of BEING on medication for something I should be able to control. But my friend, the one at university, has told me for a long time that I need to talk to someone that isn't her.

I have my good days and my bad days. On a good day I'm a social butterfly; willing to talk to anyone and just generally having a good time even if there's a stranger around. On a bad day, though... I can't even talk to my closest friends and family without wanting to curl up in a ball and cry. On a bad day, I have to force myself to leave my room and actually go say hello and good morning to my parents. If I didn't do that, I wouldn't be able to function a large majority of the time.

Most of my days are either the bad ones, or something in between. A day where I can talk to my boyfriend and my friends and (usually) my family. But the tiniest bit of contact with someone else--be it over the phone or having to go do my school-required volunteering, or even just picking something up from the store--sends me into something my friend has described as pretty much a panic attack. I freeze. I can't breathe. I can't move. I physically can't bring myself to say hello, or how are you, or thank you. I physically can't do it.

My dad's work offers free ther.apy to the family of their works. I once tried to get into contact with them, since we don't have the money for an actual psychiatrist. Tried is the key word there. Even though I filled out the application form, online even, I couldn't click the submit button. I just couldn't do it. My boyfriend had to physically come over to my house and do it for me. A week later, I got an email. It said that, oh guess what, even though I specifically said that talking on the phone terrifies me to the point of tears, I had to call them to make an appointment. That ended my attempts at actually seeing a doctor.

I'm trying to work through it. I'm trying to force myself to go out and do things and talk to people. But it's hard. And it's why I'm left with exactly two months to get 40 hours of community service so I can graduate high school. I just don't know what to do anymore, besides make a friend come with me everywhere so I have someone to fall back on when I inevitably panic.

Thankfully, though, it doesn't usually effect me in WoW. The anonymity of the internet works in my favour in regards to this. =)
My best friend on WoW couldn't even set foot in a dungeon or battleground when we first started playing together. We started leveling druids together at one point, and I convinced her to do a dungeon. It was a slow process of getting her comfortable, but now she's our raid leader. xD
But the fact you claim to have the disorder still proves you're just another product of of todays manufactured hypochondriac is all. Anxiety is a normal feelng that most deal with everyday. And if you were never told, or introduced to the term you would just function normally like most do.

Feel free to link me any reputable studies and/or cases to back your claims. Otherwise, you're just an extremist troll imposing your opinions on us with shallow facts, all for the sake of inciting colorful responses from us.

Why would you find claims to the contrary? The very people that could, are the same that profit from the diagnosis? All you have to do is put it all into perspective, your parents got through life and raised you, their parent did the same and theirs before them! Same genetic make up but able to cope with the problem you inherited or were convinced to HAVE ;)

That same feeling has been around since the first neanderthal tossed a stone tip spear into a seven ton t-rex :) But after all our evolutionary advancements people are afraid to be around people 0_o

As they say, Cowboy the hell up! Use the grey matter for something more then a ball and chain and train it to cope with itself and its fears!

And yes it's that simple :)

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