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Wyrmrest Accord

I am thinking of not only server swapping but race changing onto this server, changing myself into a Tauren rather than Worgen. That decision more has to do with an opportunity to raid with a guild. I will be sad not to be a Worgen anymore... But yeah, not that big of a deal.

I do already play on this server, I have a Tauren Shaman but it's not high leveled yet. I've always loved RP and love to make long lasting relationships and stories with other people. That being said I have no idea where to RP in WoW. I know about Silvermoon but honestly... It's all pretty much Blood Elves there, I'd like some variety. Nothing against the Belfs or anything.

I'd love to join some sort of all Tauren, or all Druid, rp scene. Is there anything like that going on anywhere? I see a lot of all Night Elf Roleplays but so far no all Tauren RPs.
I guess the last guild didn't work out, huh. :(

Oh well. I still love you. <3

Mmm.. Well, I dunno, it's a nice guild but I've always wanted to be on a RP server.
04/12/2012 03:14 PMPosted by Vincentus
Mmm.. Well, I dunno, it's a nice guild but I've always wanted to be on a RP server.

I meant the one you were GOING to join on this server 3 months ago. Did they not happen?

Oh yeah I dont think they have an open raiding spot for me.
There's a story circle that happens weekly in thunderbluff and I know I saw an all tauren guild recruiting a while back. Unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember their guild name x.x Sorry about that. Their gm tends to hang around orgrimmar though, so maybe try talking to people who are tauren and in guilds that say things like 'herd' or 'clan' etc in the title?
I know Earthspear Tribe is currently not recruiting. But usually try /who tribe, I think there is several other tauren only guilds still around.
I'm more looking for open RP stories and what not. The guild I'm going to be joining is a Raiding guild. I like to RP but I also like to raid. =P

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