Transmorg sets

Which transmorg sets are your fav, and how long did it take to obtain them?
Anything black or druid'ish is nice.
This one. And a few days.
many many many months of naxx 40
My bank and void storage is full ;-;

I like this 'set' personally.
I like mine. Will be better when I get the mask from Illidan, but it's still nice!
<this one. SO WHITE :D
I am using the Sunwell set and never taking it off when I get it. Just missing the pants.

Beautiful set (except the helm ofc).
This is T1 and it took about a month. Stupid chest wouldn't drop for a while.
Ulduar 10 man rogue set is pretty cool imo, which I have. Just hate the head. I got fairly lucky and it only took a couple runs. I'd like to find a longer black/gray cloak than I have. Also wtb option to turn off enchant graphics in game.
glyphed trying to put together a alliance mog.

Those like BeetleBorgs?
Bloodfang, still working on it actually.

Overused or not, idgaf it's beautiful.

I'm farming the blue version and it's a long grind. Only have 3 pieces and some different boots I plan to use as the ones that are part of the set are very chunky. I normally hate helms, don't show them, but the hood with the blue set is pretty nice so I'll probably display it.
I don't know what I'm going with.
like 2 ulduar runs came up with this
I went with a sentinel look. Although most people hate it, I think it is pretty. I'm looking for new shoulders to make it not look like such a "set" even though I'm not using full tier :(
Love these threads.everyone "<-" at yourself and explain why your prefab set is unique, and how you are a beautiful, individual, snowflake. and a pioneer or your look!

The rest of us care. Big time.

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