396 8/8N 3/8H Rogue LF to buy 1-2 clusters

I'm 7 gems away from being able to get my Tier 2 daggers. I am looking for a 25man DS either late Friday night or Saturday morning/early afternoon. I will pay up to 8k per cluster. Pst or mail me in game.
We are selling them in our GDKP. Contact me in game. We run tonight @ 8pm and can probably accomodate you coming in for the first boss or two to get your clusters.
how much do clusters go for in your group?
6250g per gem Gem Cluster is the minimum. We will have an opening this Saturday.
im interested in buying. ill talk to you in game when you get on
you guys dont sell gems per boss?
We can but you wouldnt be brought in for an entire run then, just the bosses we'd sell you the gem clusters from.

Preferably we'd like someone who is going to buy the gem clusters for the entire night.
are you on in game right now?
i will be shortly. Best way to reach em is via in game mail.

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