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When i try to open my WoW launcher all i get is the message about not being able to obtain the patching information.. when clearly connected to internet that i have played WoW on many and many times before.

If anyone else having this problem this morning?
I second this, though I initially got the patch downloaded and got in. Opened the client this morning, it went through a brief patch, and I opened the game as usual. Exited the game and when I came back to open again, I get the same patching message, when it's already been patched.
Same there
keep on opening and closing it will eventually work
I'm having the same problem
I too have this problem, but I found a workaround. Open the World of Warcraft app directly for now. Easy way to find it if you use a Launcher alias is select that alias and use Show Original from the File menu. The main program is right in the same folder.

If you do need to download a patch to play, I've found the main program lets you know and starts it going when you log in there.
I'm also having this problem.

If I quite the launcher and restart it, it does eventually work, but it can take several attempts. (The game also seems to launch fine when I skip the launcher and go directly from the game app.)

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