why dont pvper's get any gold form pvp?

04/13/2012 10:40 PMPosted by Sourlowsx
ok if i do 4+ dungeons a week to get close enough to let the vp from raiding finish off my cap i weill get 87x4=384 gold also i could get lucky and win some greens/ epics that no one needs and those can vender for 10-20g or go on the ah sometimes up to 200g. also if i do lfr every week no mmatter what i get 174 gold from that so on average if i do this every week just from pve'ing i get about maybe 400-700g depending on my luck and how much stuff might go for on the ah. if i do 10 bgs a week i get 0 gold from that if i do 10 arenas a week i get 0 gold from that if i do 10 rbgs a week i get 0 gold from that. even if i looted every single dead person i come by in the battleground which can be a hassle while fighting i might come up with 5-10 gold from looting. now if i get "honor gear capped" and have 0 need for honor yes i can turn honor into mats and sell those. but i dont count that because u dont have to sacrafice jp or vp to make gold from pve u just get it automaticly. so my point is why do pvper's not disserve to get a small suplement of gold from doing pvp activities maybe 25-50 g per win? if i just do pvp i have to go do a second activity like farming or dailies to make gold i baiscly dont have any other option. for pve'rs they have the option to just stick with yes the "small" amount of gold they get automaticly from doing pve. so why dont u get any amount of gold from pvp? better question is if u did how would that hurt anyone? u really think a gold farmer will start doing bgs for 50 g per win which can take up to 25 min and winnning isnt even guarenteed? i think not my friend... i think not

Throughout recorded time, and probably since the end of the Neolithic Age, there have been three kinds of people in the world, the High, the Middle, and the Low. They have been subdivided in many ways, they have borne countless different names, and their relative numbers, as well as their attitude towards one another, have varied from age to age: but the essential structure of society has never altered. Even after enormous upheavals and seemingly irrevocable changes, the same pattern has always reasserted itself, just as a gyroscope will always return to equilibrium, however far it is pushed one way or the other.

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I read this in one of those dramatic movie trailer narrator voices.
04/13/2012 04:17 PMPosted by Illyia
Also I thought pvp deaths don't cause durability loss. Am I mistaken? I know just hitting and wacking things will cause gear to slowly break, but I didn't think deaths in PvP affected it. (maybe mistaken)
you are correct
I could not read the brick wall of text but I agree with the title.
i also agree with the title. The gold reward does not have to be much, i would be happy with like 20g per BG win or something. Just a small bone, bc i enjoy grinding randoms, even if i dont need any honor gear, and i hate farming gold.

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