Arms PvE trinkets

I was hoping somebody could link a nice little ranking of Arms PvE trinkets I could glance over. Currently I'm using Eye of Unmaking and Rosary of Light, but am planning on replacing the latter with Rotting Skull next week. Good idea/bad idea?

If no such list exists, maybe some wise person could help me sort through the possible options? Realistically, I'm looking at the following for options:

H Apparatus of Khaz'goroth (have the normal version in my bank)
norm Vessel of Acceleration
and of course the three versions of Creche of the Final Dragon and Bone-Link Fetish. Although, it probably goes without saying that the heroic version of either is going to be insanely strong and I should use it.

Thanks for the help, and if I'm saved in arms gear, feel free to critique that. Any constructive criticism is welcome - this is my alt but I still like to do what I can to min/max.
I haven't done any math, but I was so in love with rosary I kept it over the valor trinket and only dropped it for the 397 BLF.

edit: (I'd take the 397 creche over it too, but I haven't raided on this toon enough to see it drop).
the valor trink is acctually really good, just macro it to MS for Max uptime

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