Greetings from Vashj!

Hello everybody. I thought I'd inform you that you all have a mini-celebrity from our server in your midst. I'm referring to Skuzdog, alliance. You may or may not know him depending on how hard he rants in trade chat, regarding the lack of quality of players. Used to do it here all the damn time.

Anyway, back in WotLK, I got tired of his ranting and called him out in a duel, under the condition that I use a Kobold Mining Shovel. He accepted, a crowd formed at the gates of stormwind, and a video was made. I do hope you enjoy the show, and the result. I know I had fun making this video. :)
And That... is how we KNOW that Death Knights are OP. Or that Skuzdog is terribly bad.
I think it was a little of column A, little of column B. That was 80.
I'm trying to figure out who backpedaled and keyboard turned more... you, the warr or your shaman friend recording.

It's close, I can't really tell.
The point of the video was to show how Mini could beat Skuz in a dual with a low level weapon. That was the point. Not to show pvp skill regardless of who backpedaled more.
Yupzzz. I freely admit I keyboard turn. I'm too lazy to re-keybind and learn how to mouseturn. :( Would it make me better? Yeah, obviously. Do I care enough? Nah.

Tbh the point was to be a jerk and show off how bad Skuz is, but frankly.... I just genuinely don't like the guy. o:
Whoa man you're really good. thanks for the heads up about this guy. Seriously, Garona server forums need more 1600 lifetime players calling people bad.
huh? :o I broke 2k in 3s on the DK (not playing TSG.) So I'm not exactly a 1600 player. I am on THIS character, but I never actually wanted to focus.
Alpaca out of nowhere.
There is really nothing impressive about beating a warrior at lvl 80 with a blood dk... your damage comes from your diseases and dc's, so how does your white melee damage matter?
All the point of the video was to show Skuzdog up. I'm not sure how hard that is to understand why does Arena ratings matter? Considering 1v1's do not have ANYTHING to do with arena's as 1v1's are more based on crit/RNG. Arena's take skill yes. But has nothing to do in this thread/post.

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