<EIGHTY VI> [A] 3/8 DS heroic Recruiting

<EIGHTY VI> lvl25 guild Clearing DS every week 3/8 Heroic progression
Due to poor guarding of the keys, a few of our Regular Raiders have escaped their cages and gotten off the realm, so we are in need of new blood to help maintain and further the Progress and Cementing our teams going into MoP
We require.
2 x Healers / 1 with DPS OS
1Ranged DPS Hunter/Ele shaman/
Any Talented Geared Players will be considered pls whisper Me or send an ingame mail expressing your interest
Thanking you in Advance
Darkganksta/ Shamikazi
/bump for 2 healers or 1 tank
Typically a good idea to include raid days and times.

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