WTB Blacksmithing Plans

Burning Legion
As the title reads, I'm looking to buy some certain blacksmithing plans. Prices are negotiable.

The list of what I'm looking to buy is as follows:

Plans: Golden Scale Boots
Plans: Radiant Belt

If you think you might have some other plans that I don't have that aren't on the above lists, feel free to check it against this http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/burning-legion/Fredzilla/profession/blacksmithing#status=known&page=1
I'll sell you all of them for 219313 g, or 20 bayda kills
Added another plan to the list
Updated and Bumped, someone's got have at least some of these somewhere!
Also, for all you transmoggers out there, I have almost all of the BS plans available in game, so if you need something made hit me up.

Also bump.
Sell me your plans!
Horde people too, check your banks!
Bump, look harder people!
Still looking, updated the list. Sell me your worthless plans!
Take my money!
Value is determined by supply, and demand, and nothing else.
It might be determined in part by supply and demand, but not solely. If you think it is, buy out all the elementium on your ah and try to sell a stack for 10kg and see how well that goes.

That being said, I'm more than willing to negotiate prices if anyone actually has these plans.
Yes, solely. If I try to sell the elementium for 10k a stack, people will become motivated to go and produce their own supply of elementium stacks to meet their demand. Your arguement is wrong, and has been utterly destroyed by me. Supply and Demand. It is the only factor. Your attempts to state otherwise have failed.
Not in the slightest, but I have no interest in arguing with a brick wall.

Thanks for bumping my post.
And yet here you are, STILL trying to argue against the truth. Yes, and in more than the slightest, you have failed to convince anyone that your lies are the truth. Since you've posted a response, you ARE interested in arguing with a brick wall. It's become quite clear that we can't believe a word you say, as you don't actually mean anything you've typed here.

Deceitful, tricksy, and false. Typical of the Alliance.
RP servers are that way

Once again, you have lied. They are <--- that way. For the love of the Sun and Moon, you are positively pathological with your lies.

Furthermore, you are attempting, albeit quite weakly, to change the subject to distract the populace of the Burning Legion from your previous lies and deceptions. It has failed as well, we are still firmly fixed upon your falsehoods and evilness.
Updated, check your alts, your banks, and your alts' banks!
You will pay, what the marketplace demands you to pay.

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