WTB Blacksmithing Plans

Burning Legion
There should be no comma in your sentence.
Then why did you put one there?
Because I'm a ninja.
THERE! You've outright admitted your heresy and villany! Your wretchedness and lack of repentance has pushed your soul into an unsavable and unredeemable state. As the Pope, and the vicar of the light on Azaroth, I hereby excommunicate you.

You are a Paladin no more, your Holy spells will burn your flesh, and your love shall wither on the vine of the church of our holy Sun and die.

May the Light have mercy on your soul.
It is spelled Azaroth. Your many years of marination in the putrid liquids of sin have deformed your mind into misspelling it.

*wards against evil*

You will find no success in your attempts to corrupt MY soul demon!
Updated. Only 2 left, someone's gotta have em somewhere.

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