New warlock with questions

I am leveling my warlock in the hope of making it my permanent main for as long as i play wow and i just have a few questions:

1) Are they overall fun?
2) How is the dps?
3) How is the survivability in pvp?
4) Do they take skill to play? In other words, i don't want to be just spamming one button, i want a huge array of spells to choose from
5) Finally, are they worth having as an absolute permanent main?

I'm tired of alt hopping and i want to level and gear my class before MoP and keep it for as long as i play, please and thank you for the help everyone :)
1. If you enjoy challenges, despite easier results from other classes.
2. Good if you can manage the complex rotations, especially destro's.
3. A matter of opinion, you're going to be kiting a LOT against melees.
4. LOL, yes, oh dear god yes.
5. This is my only toon atm, I guess that speaks for itself.
1) Yes, if you like learning.
2) DPS is directly related to 1
3) I don't pvp much but can dish decent dmg in BGs. I die a lot too.
4) See 1. They require a lot of practice with rotations and situational awareness. I wouldn't use a scroll to power level one. It takes time to effectively learn the class and yes the array of spells to choose from is quite big. I use 6 buttons at a minimum when I'm coasting through heroics.
5) My lock is my main. I've never played any other class seriously.
Are you asking about pre or post Mists Warlocks? The answers are very different. Warlocks are getting a massive overhaul and improvement in Mists, only rather overdue at this point. Therefore the A) answer will be current state and the B) answer will be what's likely for Mists.

1A) Cata has sort of been the low point for the class. The fun for effort ratio is not the best.
1B) Oh, so many new toys. Signs are pointing to a great deal of fun to come.

2A) Right about average, if you can manage the rotations.
2B) Who knows, the Beta is still early.

3A) Not the best in 1v1, honestly. The traditional Warlock trick of self-healing got nerfed and we didn't get anything to take its place. However the class shines when you have teammates to work with. Affliction is very powerful in arena PvP, and I'm having fun with Destro in rated BGs, but personal survival isn't the class's strong point.
3B) Current Mists design gives Warlocks the "hard to kill" role, complete with multiple damage reduction cooldowns and lots of self healing again. I have high hopes for it.

4A) Be careful what you ask for. It's widely argued that Warlocks currently have too many buttons they need to juggle for their rotation. For example, as Destro my rotation has: a Curse, three DoTs, two cooldown nukes, a long cast nuke for a 20s buff that needs to be kept up at all times, and a short cast nuke for when I'm not casting any of those seven other spells. That's before cooldowns and procs and the execute add another three or more, and Destro is the simple one of the three.
4B) Rotations are still in flux in the Beta, but they look far more streamlined without being Arcane simple. For example, the new Demo rotation is one Curse, one DoT, one Nuke, a secondary DoT on a cooldown, a secondary nuke when a proc is up, plus watching your meter so you can trigger demon form and use a completely different rotation until you go back to caster form. It's far from one button, but much better than Cata's dozen balls in the air at once.

5AB) I think so, having mained one from BC to the current day.
Awesome, cause i've been trying to choose a ranged dps and i haven't been able to choose, i think warlock it is :)
1. If you enjoy learning and understanding your class to have it actually feel you accomplished something. (although mists are totally changing the class.

2. It depends on how in depth you understand what you need to do for a priority. in general they can do good to great dps, however they are not at all forgiving on mistakes.

3. untill you get to higher gear levels, not all that good. ( I think the same can be said for most any class)

4. as far as skill, you have to be able to track a lot of things, and time them all right to be rewarded with good dps. As destro I think my recount nornally have 25 or so damaging attacks in a raid. ( no I dont have to anything for some of them).

5. I think they are a great main, to the end after starting this one. I can no longer play a mage for any amout of time without getting bored. (just my opinion it may not be yours)

so it would seem to be what everyone else has said.
Okay, thank you :). Are there any classes that locks have trouble with in pvp?
04/15/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Notmyfault
Okay, thank you :). Are there any classes that locks have trouble with in pvp?

Rogues and DKs.

Everything else I can handle. Yes, even pallys.
I would add a good healer of most any type. But I'm not sure if any single person can bring one down in under an hour.
MY lock is my only toon that ever made past 45. All other classes got boring to me
04/15/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Notmyfault
Okay, thank you :). Are there any classes that locks have trouble with in pvp?

Rogues no doubt. Resilience is a lock's best friend (besides a pocket healer).
04/15/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Baalsamael
Yes, even pallys.
do you need help with paladins? I'm not mocking, I'll gladly help you if you need some pointers because... pallys are really easy :P

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