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hey guys lately (the past month or so) ive been having like 8 FPS when questing,arenas,bgs,dungeons raid w/e almost anything but standing in a room with nobody in it (when i stand in a room with nobody in it my FPS shoots back up to 22) is there any devices or things i can install that will increase my FPS and im not to good with computers so if u say something that you have to be knowledge able to understand please do explain it for me!!!! k ty bye :D
Its less of what you can install and use, and more of what can you do without.

Turning off the wow sounds, Lowering the resolution, Removing addons that you have no use for, Disabling addons that have no current use.
ok tyvvvvm!!! =D didnt know all that stuff (besides addons) made me lag! ty again
If you only have 22 FPS in a closed in area alone your computer is probably just not built for gaming and you'll need a new/better one or just a new video card better processor to have a smooth experience. 22 FPS IMO would be low for graphically intense portions of 25 man fights.

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