Can I get a prot gear check please?

Hello fellow tanks. I have decided to regear my tank, and haven't really tanked since about half way into BoT/BWD. I have read the stickies, and tried to get my dodge/parry ratio down pretty good, but I am still kind of wondering if I should gem straight mastery at this point or keep my greens and oranges? Also, as far as some other pieces go, I am not terribly impressed with the ranged weaps that I have seen listed as BIS, I am almost liking the itemization of this HoT one better. Is anyone else keeping the HoT ranged instead of getting the VP one? Thanks in advance for the look, and I know my bracers aren't chanted yet :P
Well, your gear looks good but I think you'll be over CTC cap once you're raid buffed. You could probably put Dodge to bracers and then drop a few straight Mastery gems for some Mastery+Stam ones.
Thanks Ochron. I forgot about buffs adding towards CTC cap (my main is a holy priest so I don't think about these things :P). So with raid buffs, then the soft cap is 92%, correct? For 92% to work, what buffs would I need? B-Shout, Mark, Kings, Horn? Thanks.
Well, you're going to add Parry+Dodge+Mastery and then add 5 because of miss. I think the sweet spot is 96, but I might be incorrect. Honestly, I just use ask mr robot to reforge and gem my prot gear for me since it isn't of dire importance to a raid.
The CTC cap is 102.4% with raid buffs. The exact amount you need pre-buffs will vary due to diminishing returns on parry.

Just plug your character into and apply the relevant buffs (Battle Shout, Kings, and food buff), and you'll see how far over the block cap you are. From there, you can use the site to swap gems around until you're just over the cap with as much extra stamina as possible.
Ditch the cheap glove and chest enchant and get lavawalker runspeed is kinda a big deal.

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