[H] 2 raiders LFG

Two seasoned raiders are looking for a new home on the Horde side (where we originally came from.) Both of us are mature, have been playing since vanilla and have an excellent track record of attendance and completion of content.

Our progression includes:
All Tier 1,2,3 (through naxx 40) during vanilla
All BC content (while it was relevant)
All Wotlk content including hard modes up through 11/12 ICC 25 (with other achievements along the way, sarth 3D while prior to ulduar, yogg 25 pre-nerf etc..)
In Cataclysm we have taken a more casual approach and have not conquered hard modes, but have completed all of the raid content on normal with a few hard modes as the groups were capable.

Our classes are:
Rogue, or DK, or Enhance Shaman (willing to learn/gear elemental or heals but will need patience with that).

Our hunter primarily played a mage, armory link here:

I played a rogue primarily, but also linking my vanilla grand marshal, season 1 arena gladiator mage
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/kietra/advanced (note, just for posterity and to show the T3 transmog gear, not actively played)

To us the social structure of the guild is just as important as the effort to progression. We aren't too picky as long as we are having fun!

Our raid availability is primarily 8pm-11pm EST, with some flexibility.

Please reply here, email or feel free to add me to RealID: chris@blazinghoops.com

Kep & Kati
Meant to post on this toon. Still looking!
Would love it if you could send me or Silenced an in game tell. Synthesis might be the right fit for you!
Still looking!
Moved over here, just haven't faction changed yet.

We are still looking!
Guild - Way of the Warrior (lvl 25)
Server - Zul'Jin (Horde) - High Pop
Raid size - 10 m
Raid Times - Tues, Wed, Thurs 8p to 12a server (EST)
Progression - Dragon Soul 8/8 H 6/8

We provide feasts, repairs, and enchanting materials, and flasks
We use a ep/gp system for loot. We don't recruit to fill the bench. Although everyone sits at times, we recruit full time raiders.

Way of the Warrior is a 5+ yr old guild with a long history of end game raiding. We are mature, respectful adults who don't believe that you need to insult and harangue raiders on vent to get raid performance. We also don't feel that adults should feel it necessary to troll or flex their epeen in general venues like trade chat.

For more info contact Petriee, Killmerath, Rioghnach, Atilanta or Kyûss in game, or apply at www.wotw-guild.net

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