Can the opposite faction see my...

pet when I stealth my rogue but it is definitely not in stealth?
no, even when you dual someone from your faction they cant see it ever.
GREAT! Thx for clarification :)
It always scares me, so I put it away just because I'm paranoid like that.
As recent as last week I was able to see a pet on a stealthed rogue. I think sometimes it bugs out. I was able to chase him around and get the sap off in arena.

Just to be safe I always put mine away for pvp purposes.
i don't think they stealth with you anymore, ppl see mine all the time, i see other rogue pets, if its a glitch its a bad one

best just not to use a pet :(

blah and i did the quests to get panther cub other day...../cry....he's so cute and the perfect match for my rogue
I guess better safe than sorry then.

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