GDKP or any guild willing to sell tokens?

Burning Legion
I need normal mode DS conc gloves and legs. No, I don't want heroic. No, I don't want to buy an entire run and take whatever drops I can use. These are the only 2 items I really care to have. Anyone putting a pug together, or an alt run, whatever; these are worth 50k to me if that is any incentive. Should they happen to drop on the same run, I will throw in an extra 10k.
bump. Take my money.
Hit me up in game bacon
wow i want to take your money
This offer still stands. I know most guilds are doing heroic stuff only now (at least the bosses dropping the tokens I need), but if you have an alt raid, or whatever, take my money!
Someone take my money already..offering 75k for both now. 30k per, extra 15k if they drop same run.
Hit me up in game again. Tuesday @ 7 we can do it.
Wow, 30k per is a little much for a non-heroic peice, why do you need these so bad? Just wondering.
Tier sets are like pokemon, gotta catch em all.
FTR, I only want the 2nd and 3rd boss. I don't mind being there for bosses 1-3, but I'm not paying upwards of 75k for 2 non-heroic tokens with the idea I have to be there for a full clear. Just putting that out there now, so there is no potential drama.
Need legs still. Paying 35k. This can be from DS or BH, doesn't matter to me.

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