Weekly ally alt run.

I'm wondering if there would be any interest in forming a group for a weekly alt run for Dragon Soul? I'm thinking Sunday nights, 2 to 2 and a half hours, normal modes, no frills, no drama. I'll tank on my bear or DK. In an ideal world I could get 10-11 people that have "Destroyer's End" achieve on their alt or at least their main, but I suspect interest ally side will be slim to none. If I get enough interest I'll start taking names. If I get at least 2 people who want to heal, then I'll take it more serious and start working out details with people. But if no one wants to heal I'll just forget about it. I don't want to be another "PuG" sitting in trade looking for 2 healers and then only having an hour to raid.Let's gear up an alt to make leveling in the first MoP zone easier......lol.
If we didn't have 4+ tanks alts that want to run with us all the time I'd say come with us on our Sunday alt runs. But it seems everyone and their brother has tank alts in OT atm.
I could show off my mad sick (read terrible) boomkin or kitty skills.
Boomkin we could probably use, you'd get to see my epic disc priestyness. We had to /cough PUG dps Sunday, wasn't that bad though.
Gonna bump just to see if anyone might be interested still. Also, I like how the purple of my shoulders matches my hair.
i'd definitely go on the rogue
I haz a bear or a pally tank id bring
No one has healer alts? Me a sad rogue. And no no likes a sad rogue. Oh wait, nevermind, everyone likes when rogues are sad.
That's the problem we've been having Andr, so many tank alts a few dps.. and I have the only healer alt.
I've got two healer alts - one's usually committed to our guild's alt runs (when we're able to do them) but another is typically free. Resto druid and disco priest, about equivalent gear level, both have gone 6/8, and I'm 8/8N, 1/8H myself. Let me know if I could be of use :)
I could dps if you're not too melee heavy. My mains 5/8H
04/19/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Aniese
disco priest

The rhythm finally got her. We were warned.
So would you say she is a "dancing queen"? Yes, I even facepalmed myself after I wrote that.

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