Haven’t played in a while, need friends. :(

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I used to raid a lot in TBC and WotLK but kinda quit when cata came out. I recently got into WoW again because I think MoP actually looks really cool. I’m currently on a boring US PVP server but looking to move back to an oceanic realm. I have an 85 mage, shammy and druid.

I’m so ronrey. All my friends quit and I’m so bored, I don’t even have a guild... foreverlaone.jpg

Could anyone recommend a server (pvp or not) I could come join? I would love to raid, run old content for transmog gear/achievements/mounts and possibly level a new character with someone.

Anyone? D:
Come to Frostmourne Alliance. We'll be your friends.
Aman'thul could use some more Horde players.
I have a few level <10 characters I could level with you if your timezone's around EST. :)
I would never tell anyone to join Aman'thul. That's just cruel.
04/18/2012 10:05 PMPosted by Brokénsword
I would never tell anyone to join Aman'thul. That's just cruel.

LOL, also if you're looking for a good realm for horde Frostmoune, Jubei'Thos and Barthilas are all good realms and they're PvP, as for the PvE realms they are all pretty decent, good communities, but do not go to Gundrak, its quite depressing there.
anyone in frostmourne looking to level and teach a newbie

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