[H] 5/8 <Purgatory> is Recruiting for 10man

Purgatory is a 10man Semi-Hardcore Guild on Garona - Horde

Our primary progression raid team raids Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 7-11pm CST.
We are currently [H] 5/8 and looking for all exceptional players to supplement our raiding core.

Primarily, we are seeking a tank, healers and/or solid ranged dps.
Classes we are currently on the look for:

Blood DK
Prot Pally
Resto Druid
Resto Sham

All competent players are encouraged to apply!

For more information and for interested applicants:
Visit purgatoryofgarona.proboards.com and drop an Application in the Recruitment Section.

OR contact myself in-game, Shyguy of Purgatory, Garona - Horde

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