[A] 6 Geared players LF Guild (at least 5/8)

My main raid recently broke up and a small group of us are looking to transfer to this server to finish off the expansion.

We are 5/8 and are in full heroic. We were a pretty casual guild (only raided 1 - 2 times a week) and cleared up to 5/8 but due to people quitting, we haven't a chance to progress further.

Our group consists of:

Rogue (has legendaries)
Paladin tank
Death knight tank (is also geared for unholy dps off spec)
Priest healer (is also geared for shadow dps off spec)

We are a very laid back group of people and completely drama free. We are looking to join a 10-man or 25-man guild that are able to raid at least 2 days a week between Sunday - Thursday.

If there are no guilds recruiting such a large pack, we are also interested in recruiting to finish off our 10 man. We would need 2 dps and a healer.

Please reply here or you can add our main tank to realid to answer any questions - hannah.ganske(at)gmail.com
Our 5/8 Heroic guild is currently Recruiting a Hunter, a Prot Pally, Rogue and Shadow priest if you are interested. PST me in game or realId at tuannnie@yahoo.com

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