Priest or Paladin Healer?

Which would you recommend in terms of fun?

I already played the other healing classes before, but I'm just setting up for a future alt. I'm not picky with style either though shammies are my favorite to play when it comes to healing. PvP is a possibility in the near future.
I have both. My paladin was my main for 2 years. I find them to be boring now. IMO they're 1 dimensional. It's pretty much spam Holy Radiance. Win. Priests, again IMO, have more tools that are used and they're much more flexible as far as the role than can play as a healer.
my h pally was my main originally as well but after raiding weekly for the first tier of raids in cata I grew really sick of holy pally healing so much so that I quickly leveled this priest up in time to be ready for the next tier.

I'll put it this way...I play my priest all the time, raid on him as my main, and my pally is collecting dust for the most part.

Don't get me wrong, holy paladins are very strong healers and are incredibly valuable to any raid group, but in my opinion when comparing how fun it is to play a holy pally vs playing a priest there's really no comparison.

Priests have two healing specs, one of the largest toolkits out of all the healing classes, and have a very diverse "rotation" in either specs.

Then again, you're gonna get a lot of peopel saying they prefer priest healing in this thread cause you did post this in the priest forums :P
Roll them both and find out. It's the only way to know for sure.
Roll them both and find out. It's the only way to know for sure.
04/17/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Cynris
Which would you recommend in terms of fun?

I have both, and fully enjoy my priest over my pally. In fact, I don't think Ive been logged on my pally since T11 other then to do some banking.
Even though my Hpally is much harder to kill and he gets better numbers than my Shadow priest, I still prefer the priest. Properly used, the priest is just so much more versatile. Fears like psychic scream, and psychic horror, plus 3 different dots and God, how much do I love to get right to the edge and just magically disperse into pure energy on some hapless rogue. lol.
I have both (priest also at 85) and I say Priest.

Paladin's are great healers but so incredibly boring. Priest has always been my main.
I have a healadin that I work from time to time but, like my restoration druid, it just seems so simple compared to the priest that it's difficult to get motivated to play it. Then again, some people prefer the easiest.
04/17/2012 07:25 PMPosted by Saviana
IMO they're 1 dimensional.

Pretty much this ^

Priests have a greater variety of healing spells which makes for more interesting gameplay, but this is from my perspective. I would play both to make your own decision, but from my personal preference I find Priest healers to be far more fun than Paladin healers.
I have played both an I would say priest
I get bored easily on my pally. I agree that he feels very 1 dimensional. This holy priest is a lot more lively and fun, and his tool kit is more interesting and diverse, in my opinion.
If you like slipping and falling on your keyboard to win, paladin is the way to go.
Plus if you go disc you get cool animations. Power word barrier and penance are the only reason I can never play another class.. lol

Mmmmmm, tasty necro
Why the hell did you open this year old thread? Bad dog.

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