[A] <Nerf Me> (1/8H DS) is trying to find....

me somebody to love, find...me somebody to love...
Back to seriousness....
About us:

<Nerf Me> is a new [1.33 (repeating of course) raiding weeks completed] 10 man raiding guild formed by a pair of progression raiders from US-Laughing Skull returning to the game after a short break. We are looking to fill out our roster and quickly delve into hardmode DS as well as prepare for hardmodes in MoP. We are currently accepting applications from experienced players able to demonstrate a high level of competence and reliability.

Raid Schedule: Tues-Thurs, 8p-11p(server)

Recruitment Status: Healers wanted! Currently no preferences, although it should be noted that we are currently running a (very) Vanq token heavy raid comp. Applicants should preferably have a dps offspec with which they are capable of applying face to keyboard in a way that creates high numbers on charts and pretty glowy effects on bosses.

For more information, contact Meraxas or Tesllyn in game.If you wish to apply, please fill out our recruitment form at http://nerfmenow.enjin.com

Edit: Potential members must be able to ignore shows of total social ineptitude. Brownie points go to applicants able to display such shows of total social ineptitude in a humorous fashion.
Still looking for a few healers who are capable of....healing...without standing in glowy pools of "OHGODITBURNS"!

Also, now possibly looking for a competent(refer to the "OHGODITBURNS" clause of our healing requirements) ELEMENTAL SHAMAN or HUNTER!

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