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Death Knight
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pretty freaky looking on a goblin
7/10 cause I like how it fits together.

Fyi my sword glows purple to match the set, can't see that on armory. >_>
7/10. I've always loved the set, but it really is overused.
7/10 haven't seen it all that much.
8/10 cause that axe is so damn cool.

I've never seen it before.
Lauralei, cool as ever!
5/10 .. To many DK's wearing it.
6/10 I like your wep but that armor is kind of boring =P
i look better in human form
9/10 hyoyeon
9/10, You look pretty legit with the sword/armor combo.

Now idk how people feel about lowbie mogs, but I like how mine turned out. :)
Gloves & shoulders dont match at all, aside from that cool 7/10
I dig it, shoulders look menacing on a Tauren - I'd go with a different weapon though but blunt objects are always fun 8/10.
Anuk, looks cool and very red.
A green gal. 8/10
I like the armor great deal but I'm not sold on the swords.


Edit: for taking to long to hit submit and losing my place in the queue (original post below)

I dig it, the armor really brings out your natural Orcish hue.


Try to ignore the tabard on mine I still need the DPS head enchant. It is not a fashion choice.

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