25 DS Gold Bid(gdkp) Every Friday 7pm est

Cataclysm has been out for a while and its time to start gearing up alts!! The raid leader Ogian has experience up to 13/13 Heroic 25 man in Tier 11 and 7/7 Heroic 25 man Tier 12 and 8/8 Heroic 25 man in the the current content, so leading a run for normal modes will be quite easy. (possible heroics in future weeks)

For those are are already familiar with the system, welcome back. For those new to the system, welcome. These runs have been very sucessful throughout Burning Crusade and WoTLK, clearing Kara, Mag's, Gruul's, TK, SSC, Hyjal, BT, Funwell, Naxx, most of Ulduar, ToC, 11/12 Heroic ICC and full T11/12 on 25 man settings. The time has come to make the push further though cataclysm's content.

Why 25 man and gold bid?
-No more losing rolls to someone doing half your dps/hps
-Gold for raiding . WIN
-More valor points
-More loot
-More challenging
-More players
-More fun

-Proper enchants/gems/reforging/etc
-Slight knowledge of every encounter in current content
-Average gear level of 378 or higher(I will use my discretion for this)
-Willingness to go outside of a normal comfort zone to get the job done

Time and Day:
-7:00-11:00pm EST (server time)
-invites start @ 6:30-6:45 (sooner we fill, sooner we start)

Breaks & Afk's:
- One 10-15 min break @ 2hr into the run
-Afk's are NOT tolerated(we are not wasting 24 others time by afk's, obvious
exceptions can be made e.g. my kid fell and hit his or her head etc)

How do you get an invite?
-Post with your character in this thread.
-Send in game mail to character named Ogian. (with class/spec)
-If there are alt codes in your toons name you will have to post in this thread. (not going to track down your characters because you did not choose a normal name)

-starting bid 500g Tier tokens start at 5k, Trinkets/Madness weapons start at 10k
-incriments in 500's i.e. 500, 1000, 1500, 2000.
-you bid and win, you buy no exceptions. If you are bidding someone else up and get stuck with it, buy it or else you will be removed with no share of the pot.
-anything can be bid on by anyone

Legendary Daggers!!
-The first set will be reserved. After that they are up for grabs to anyone who reserves them or wants to pay for them. Not set in stone just yet.

Raid Comp

This is merely an old format I copied from an old thread of mine. The roster is yet to be determined and will be filled in a somewhat similar fashion. There may be more than just one of certain class/specs listed.

Roster:(slots with a class/spec typed are filled. open slots are typed "open slot")
1 Tank-Paladin_____________________16 Dps-Priest
2 Tank-Warrior___________________17 Dps-Druid(Balance)
3 Dps-Death Knight________________18 Dps-Warlock
4 Dps-Paladin____________________19 Dps-Mage
5 Dps-Open_____________________20 Dps-Shaman(Elemental)

6 Dps-Rogue_____________________21 Healer-Shaman
7 Dps-Rogue_____________________22 Healer-Druid
8 Dps-Shaman(enhance)___________23 Healer-Priest
9 Dps-Warrior____________________24 Healer-Open
10 Open slot______________________25 Healer-Paladin

11 Dps-Hunter_____________________Waitlist/Alternates
12 Dps-Hunter
13 Dps-Priest
14 Open slot
15 Healer-Paladin

Empty slots in roster:(needs are subject to change so ask for a slot even if it is closed)
- ranged(healing offspec/gear are a plus)
- melee(tanking offspec/gear are a plus)

Slots vary from week to week as this is just a pug raid, so any class/spec is welcome to join the raid. Many people will be swapping toons for gear on different characters from week to week so anyone and everyone is encouraged to sign up.

Consistency is a key factor to having a sucessful run. Players that are constantly afk, have to leave early, are not performing up to expectations, or are just a general annoyance, will not be invited back. (Also at my discretion, can always make exceptions)

-25 slots are available per raid so not everyone will be able to get into the group every
week. However, if someone has to leave, disconnects, goes afk, or is booted, then
another may be brought in to recieve a FULL cut of the pot. (depending on group, we have been known to just finish with 20-24 and split the gold amongst less people)

-any further questions comments or concerns will be adressed in game via in game mail
or by whispering Ogien/Ogian/Ogiun.

On behalf of OGpugs and Ogian, we want to thank you all for reading this post and wish everyone a wonderful gaming experience.

DISCLAIMER: (aka small print) I am reserving the right to kick a players that are not bidding on items that are upgrades or are passing early and complaining that items are "too expensive". If someone is a liability to the raid they will not receive compensation. I rarely ever will resort to this and do not enjoy doing it,.
I am interested.
Can you post on the main that has all this raid leading experience? I may be interested in bringing an alt if you can show that this isn't a not-so-cleverly disguised legendary daggers farming scheme from an LFR Hero.
I would not trust that rogue. H: Madness of Deathwing Feb 10, 2012
^^^^^^^^^^^^ H: Madness of Deathwing Apr 5, 2012 (10 man alt run)
What they said ^^^^^ 8/8H
04/18/2012 09:46 PMPosted by Ogian
I would not trust that rogue. H: Madness of Deathwing Feb 10, 2012

LMAO, well, you know what it looks like on the surface. I have a holy paly, balance druid and frost DK that I'd bring to the run if you have spots. I'll mail you in-game.
Ogian is a N3Rd. You can trust his raid leading believe me. :P
My druid is signed up for this raid as a Bear correct?
Correct, check your in game calendar. This should be a beary exciting run!!
... lol this looks and sounds retarted, I hope you guys all waste gold on crap thats easily on farm, not to mention all these guys on "Pet The Lil Fawn" are most likely his alts talking in a 3rd person different point of view to give you guys confidence lol. I expect whining and a bunch of people on periods in trade chat soon.
Haters gonna hate!
04/19/2012 03:55 PMPosted by Daelynn
... lol this looks and sounds retarted, I hope you guys all waste gold on crap thats easily on farm, not to mention all these guys on "Pet The Lil Fawn" are most likely his alts talking in a 3rd person different point of view to give you guys confidence lol. I expect whining and a bunch of people on periods in trade chat soon.

GDKP runs are fun and in some ways more exciting than normal raiding if run by the right people. While I think some of the minimum gold bids here may be a little high for normal gear, there's nothing to say that the run won't move on to more heroic modes. Actually, many of the servers I've been on, the GDKP runs have been the most progressed PUGs.

People tend to perform better when they know their shot at gear is completely dependent on their gold and skill. Considering the raid leader is in dungeon/lfr gear for the most part, he's going to have to put his money where his mouth is and bid on all upgrades that are available or people just won't come back the next week.

I have many alts and I like to raid on all of them and gear all of them. 9/10 PUGs in trade now-adays are LFR heroes that have no clue and don't mind wasting people's time. I welcome this mode of raiding for some of my alts.
Where everyday is like a dream!
Would really like to bring this character. I can either tank or dps. I have gold just burning a hole in my pocket for quite a few pieces. :D
Classes/specs with higher demands:
Priest - Shadow
Hunter - Survival
Warlock - Any
Warrior - Arms

Other classes/specs can still get a slot in the run. Healing offspecs and experience on mains with heroic modes is a plus.
I'm a 394 moonkin who would like to join but I also have a warlock alt I wouldn't mind taking he's not super geared at all(377) but dps is up to par and have downed madness on him with no problems
04/21/2012 04:16 PMPosted by Ranoverbycah

Because it needs to be done.

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