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I'm at 73,323 out of 100,000. Almost there!
04/19/2012 02:18 AMPosted by Defiasbandït
I'm at 73,323 out of 100,000. Almost there!

So close yet so far!

off topic; for the pvpers in this thread show I wear Battlemaster or Justicar?
I play too many different toons to have an impressive number.
11k ish.

Too lazy to see my actual total.
04/19/2012 02:20 AMPosted by Armanî
So close yet so far!
Eh, I'll get it lol. It's just a matter of time!

i no pvp.

and as for that german rogue: i have the worst joke in my head
7100. I rarely PvP. This is my character with the most hk's
< 215K. : \
Going for Bloodthirsty before MoP.
Is that honor point? 1918 then, only 2 on purpose. The rest from being in a group with people who pvp.

Theres that german rogue thats at like a million or something


Yeah this dude HAS to have the most ever. I personally have over 213,000.
who knows? who cares? I certainly don't, and don't care enough to look.
I rolled this toon when patch 4.1 dropped, im wanting to hit 50k before MOP im just under 40k atm...i have been spamming bg's to get there
I will make it, it looks like ive done 10k in the last 3 weeks alone
My 'old main' has 36k but i played that warrior for 3 years, this one ive played for hardly any time at all but now ive made it something i want , my own acheive to get 50,000 hks in only three major patch updates, within one expansion.
04/19/2012 02:41 AMPosted by Magnata
who knows? who cares? I certainly don't, and don't care enough to look.

Lol, then why'd you even post?
34,347 earned most mine back in the good ol' vanillllllaaaaaaaa
177083 as of this posting

Howling "The Horde Face Smasher" Moon
15,478 on this guy, who I consider to be my new main.

The toon I have the most with is my huntard, who has 19,996 HKs.
i have bloodthirsty title on my twink 70 hunter(which is 250k+) and my pally has over 100k (of the alliance title). my rogues about 50k, priest prolly about 25k.

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