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Ha! A fool they would call me. A killer. A demon! I was none of these things. None... of them! If I were a killer the whole world of Azeroth would be my slave. The soul of every humanoid, my puppet. So why call me a fool, a killer, a DEMON, when I could cut of your life in a moment, none the less. I took my place with the Legion because I had no choice. My people were tormented, tortured, and slain into admission. The powers us night elves possess was to great for the demons that they only wished for our complete and utter annihalation. Taking on these power, this form, only making me stronger. My associates beckoned me not, for they thought I would be blinded by my will for power. Which in some cases, I would say I do. Though, at least I show restraint.

My people, my beautiful cities, structures, all gone. The once powerful kingdom we held, taken away by time, and by destruction of the enemy. But me, I stay in seclusion like the new band of night elves. Waiting... waiting for a new opportunity to take back this world. My betters think I am their ally, but no... I am their worst enemy. Once we take over the world, I will take it from them. I will form the world back to what it once was. People may not accept my leadership, but that would soon change in time.

That lady, that faker, that... horror, Tyrande Whisperwind. She thinks of her as a ruler when she is not even fit to run her kingdom without her "husband" Malfurion Stormrage. They think that now that they rule the night elves, they are the better. I will make sure when I march on Darnassus. I will kill them first. They think of themselves as cleansers of the people, when they have no idea of the power the night elves possess. They could take over the world again. They WILL take over the world again, and we will restore our immortality. Will MY help, with MY power!

A shadowy figure appears in a dimly lit corridor, slowly clapping his hands.

"That's quite a riveting tale, chap."
Not to be a buzz kill or anything but there seems to be a few lore inaccuracies in your post. First: Her name is Azshara not Azhara,
Second: She cared nothing for her people. If you read WotA, you would know that she summoned the Burning Legion to Azeroth because she was infatuated by Sargeras and believed that she was going to have a husband when he was summoned to the world. There was nothing about her people in any of this rather this was all for her own personal gain.
Third: When she was ruler of the Night Elves, she was not ruler of the entire world. Sure she was in charge of virtually the entire lost portion of Kalimdor but she did not rule the entire world. Likely the Tauren controlled the current Kalimdor and the Dwarves controlled the Eastern Kingdoms.
I like how dramatic it is. It's very creative and it demands attention, from what I can tell. But, there are a few grammatical issues here and there. The most obvious one is that you misspelled her name.

04/18/2012 08:53 PMPosted by Vynathlon
Azshara not Azhara

Vynathlon pretty much nailed it. As for his lore-based comments... I wouldn't know, as I have not read the book. Sorry, but I can't help in that regard.
I highly doubt someone as ancient, conceited, and arrogant as Azshara would deign to refer to herself or her people as 'night elves.'

That, and she was the one "slaying her people into admission." I think you meant 'submission,' but that's beside the point. She was all gung-ho about Sargeras and the Legion coming to Azeroth, no one forced her to do it. As Vynathlon said, she thought she had finally found her equal- someone worthy of being her mate. She didn't bat an eye at throwing away the lives of her followers, of her entire race, to get what she wanted.
Azshara would never use the turn "Us Night Elves".

What she identified with was the caste she belonged to, the Highbourne. The most magically adept in Pre-Sundering Kaldorei society. She leads a society of Naga now, if she has any thoughts towards the surface elves, it would be mainly of extermination.

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