Sigh Blizzard, yet again Horde wins

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siege of orgrimmar.
I actually have kind of enjoyed reading this , and feel affirmed in where I stand . Wow is a very unbalanced game, everyone knows it and the developers don't actually care if you like it or not.The game in general is a time consuming waste of time , that is what games are right? As far as graphics, and creativity I love it , I really enjoy many of the quest lines read every word. Some of the visuals are freaking awe inspiring. I have even worked up some weird connection to Thrall, Love his girlfriend, she makes me laugh. As far as changing factions because the unbalance swings to horde favor , NO WAY , not even if Blizzard gave me the expansion and a years free play.IMO, to play Ally and then re roll Horde it is like kissing the teachers butt, being the teachers pet ,rolling the flavor of the week,well you get it .
I agree many cool things the horde has the alliance also has just in different ways.
As far as Horde vs. Alliance goes, yes horde have it easier. It does not make them better. It's like Fluu said, YES they have racial abilities that in some cases are better than ally but it is how you use them for your advantage is what makes you better. PVE wise as a human DK tank i can use mine to get out of a stun or some movement slowing affect and hop back in to keep on trucking as a tank and doing my job. Taurens have the stomp that yes last only a couple of seconds can help. If too much trash is pulled as a tank or something goes wrong and he is low besides his abilities from his class using that stomp can give the healer seconds to get him up or the group members up.

I have played both Horde and Alliance and I have raised up to the top level and raided/pvped with both. Bliz HAS shown favoritism toward the horde by like some people said making it easier to get around or having stuff closer or the quest just more simple. When leveling as a horde character i have seen that i leveled alot quicker as Horde and as ally goes it seems like its slower because of how the quest are all over the map when horde are just go over kill 4 things come back but hey that's how it goes. Horde are killing machines as alliance are peaceful i guess you can say.

As far as Bliz keeping the factions separate but equal, they are doing a great job and keep it up, people keep complaining on how which side is better and if you are doing this then just switch sides. It is not hard and i have done it many times.

For Ex: You are neutral as a Panda and can pick your sides when it comes now ask yourself, Do you want to have a simple spar with a king or a fight to the death for the horde. Pick one, Go for it, and stop complaining.
These threads are honestly amazing to me.
Posting as my Alliance main character to give some dignity to the whining Alliance-only players here, I am a player of BOTH factions.

So let me first explain to you that this is so ridiculously insane. Blizzard is not biased. Why is Blizzard not biased? Because, Blizzard is a HUGE COMPANY with at least hundreds if not thousands of employees. There are some that favor the Horde, and some that favor the Alliance, but there are a select few that love both.

There's no way to tell what the jobs of these people are and their preferences together. So the developer that designed the Horde intro and the developer that designed the Alliance intro, or maybe they're the same developer - maybe they are biased. Although honestly, I agree with some people - sparring with Varian sounds more interesting to me, personally.

But what's really the saddest thing in my opinion about forums like this is that people are legitimately complaining. If you FEEL that way, like Zarhym said, perhaps you're playing for the wrong faction. A lot of the people I know play on both sides on a regular basis and enjoy the entire game.

Finally, World of Warcraft is a gigantic game. It has many, many different zones with many, many MORE quests specific for each faction. If you feel that one zone is not interesting, try somewhere else. It has battlegrounds and dungeons for Player versus Player combat and the Arena. Find your interest. But do not single in on details of quests in one zone that are biased. If there is any game with two playable factions that is LEAST biased, it is Blizzard's World of Warcraft, because they are such a LARGE company with so many employees working to make an interesting game.

tl;dr: If you just cannot bare to play on the "other side," you need to either get over yourself or stop playing WoW.
I jumped back in WoW with Cata, before that I played up until BC came out and I have always been Horde. Not because I think they are better but rather because the races are more enjoyable and their stories are more appealing to me. Granted I do enjoy Alliance races like my Worg and my Gnome, but my main characters are all horde. Both are distorted reflections of each other and yeah this chapter in the Alliance might be different from this chapter in the Horde, but in the end who wants it all to be the same, or even closely similar? There would be no motivation to try the other faction because it would just be the same thing. I got stuck on the Horde because of their races. Undead was my very first toon. Then it was Bloodelf. Up until the Worgen's showing up I havent been interested to make an ally toon and to me thats what it comes down to. When I make a character in WoW Im making something that represents me in a virtual world that I'm willing to put alot of work in so with that in mind I ignore everything else and focus on the individual I'm creating. Blizz has always stressed that if you dont enjoy the character your making, then you will simply enjoy the game less and I believe in that 100 percent. Factions, story, in-game items, etc. is all just a bonus for me.
Well said Zarhym
04/19/2012 11:35 AMPosted by Zarhym
No, that's how strong and special you are as a pandaren, but your combat skills are not on par with Varian's just because you got a jab in. When Varian asks to spar he mentions that he's never actually seen pandaren combat techniques in person. He gets caught off-guard by one of your jabs and it surprises everyone, including Varian himself. But he mentions it's exciting to him! He shows clear respect for his new allies -- an admirable quality in a king.

People tend to forget that this game is based on fantasy and that fantasy is open to interpretation in its creativity. By that I mean if you use your imagination and actually play out the events as if they were in a movie or happening in real life and not do a word for word interpretation you would actually see that they were very well done . On the alliance side you have Varian, who upon looking on the Panderian sees a potential new ally and friend. Garrosh on the other hand, see's not an ally but rather someone he can either use to HIS gain or conquer altogether.

As far as Blizzard favoring one faction over the other. I highly doubt. I've played both factions and enjoyed both immensely however I prefer one over the other.

as always another moron making lies look like real facts if your that weak a player quit and go back to pac man

Weakest reply ever. I just went to TB to prove that what they said was correct. Guess what, it is. Now I don't think it really means anything and holds no merit to any kind of favoritism, BUT what he said is true, so you look foolish now.

The Horde are right on the road with maybe a Mechano-hog between them. The alliance has about 4-5 Mechano-hogs between them and the road. Like I said though, not really important or pertaining to the topic at hand.

no your another moron not see`ing what the statement really was im sick of people snivling and whompering always about unfair play or favoritism what the true fact is thier weak players and couldnt fight thier way out of a paper sack and as for horde getting an epic battle in arena as a panderan its cool for once blizz see`s who the real players are lmao just kidding but seriously stop crying blizz doesnt really carer except to take our money to play thier game which is failing to keep up with others of it`s kind big truth for you all
And really it shows how Garrosh is not a good leader...he cannot test you himself..he let's you kill what he sees as inferior species. You look around the horde and see signs of his poor leadership. He segregates his city, there is no real unison. I thought it was well played out. Can't wait to see the rest.

That is why I had such misgivings about this upcoming expansion, there is NO central bad guy to hate on and focus on. So now it's just going to denegrate into hatred towards the other faction.


That's how it's supposed ta be, mon!
siege of orgrimmar.

lol Truth!
Lol! The dark side is always cooler.


You chose poorly, Alliance scum.
siege of orgrimmar.
/thread which the Alliance helps put Thrall back in power.

I don’t know who you guys think the “raid” of Ogrimar will go but this is what I have in mind.

Horde side: An epic internal battle in which the Horde are forced to make the ultimate sacrifice, the death of their warchief (probably instituting a battle council in place of a warchief)

Alliance side: The Alliance valiantly fights the road hazards on its way to Orgrimar only to find the doors closed. Their commander in chief advances and asks the guards “I heard you guys needed some help dealing with your warchief”, Guard answers “no it’s been taken care of, but tanks for coming here’s some loots for your troubles”

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