Raid fail with friend from different server

Bug Report
Tried to group up with a friend from the realm Cenarius to complete Dragon Soul with members from the realm Misha. We tried summoning him via Have Group Will Travel, the summoning stone outside the Caverns of Time, and having him fly to the instance. Every time an error message occurred saying we couldn't have a member from a different server. I had group with him for Raid Finder and Dungeon runs before, but for some reason DS wouldn't allow a member from a different server. This occurred 4/15/12 at 8:15pm Misha server time. Side note, when attempting to summon via Have Group, the error message gave a different raid member from Misha saying they were from a different server instead of the actual person who was.
You can't do normal or heroic mode Dragon Soul with cross-realm groups, this was right in the patch notes when they made cross-realm raids possible.

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