Increasing DPS 389 fire mage Haste vs Crit

Well this is my first post also. I really wanted to play a fire mage(so much more fun). I was not pullin near the dps i could get as arcane. The most I have ever gotten is 41k on bael, as fire. Arcane I pull a consistent 40k. I had my stats at 1505 haste, with 2100 crit and was not getting sufficent proc on pyro to keep my dps high enough. Am i doing something wrong with my stats or is arcane just better right now.

So Sad, but true :-(

I'm always losing to certain classes and rarely top the charts. Rogues, hunters, shadow priests, they are all doing very well.

As well as ret pallies and DKs. My raid team is full of the top dps classes/specs. I always feel sad when I'm low. But then I go on my DK or pug with my Hunter and top the charts :P

Unless you're doing 25man heroic content, Unholy DKs are mid to bottom teir dps and frost is just a little better...
So i got my T13 2Pc and set haste at 1505. Can someone look at my gear and stats and let me know if you have any suggestions?

I will be getting my nanoprecise cape tonight and continue to hunt for DS gear.
I got my haste to 1505 as close as possible, not sure if the rest of my stuff is good, also have T13 2 peice.

Did a dps test and did 20k not sure if that is normal for my gear.
This your haste needs to be at soft cap,once it is stack crit.

With tier 13 4pce you only need about 1550 haste rating however as your set bonuses stack you to soft cap in combat,however i like to be on the safe side :p
Woohoo got a DS 397 trinket... 391 iLvL now..

still need ot get the 4 set so my combust CD is significantly shorter.

Anyone have their hit rating below 17%?
Stack haste intul your second haste break point around *15.00%* then go for crit because in higher content gear, crit will be more beneficial

-Mysticwizard #400 Ilvl PvE
Hit (17% cap) > Haste (12.5%) > Crit.

Dont even think about stacking haste before REALLY high ilevel gear. By REALLY, I mean 397+.

Crit is your primary source of damage because its responsible for big numbers on Combustion, that is your main DPS Cooldown.
why haste 12.5%? does that equate to anything in particular? I've got my hit at exactly 1742 and haste at 1505. When I have enough stats I think i'd like to get to 2005 haste so that I can get to the last tick more easily.

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