[A] Rocktamus Prime 10m 7/8HM Recruiting

Raid Time: 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. CST
Raid Days: Tuesday/Wednesday
Faction: Alliance
Server: Sargeras
Raid Size: 10 Man
Current Tier Progression: 8/8 Normal, 7/8 Heroic

We are seeking active players who love all aspects of progression raiding. Loot should be viewed as an added bonus. As a team we are dedicated to PvE raid progression. Decisions within the guild in regards to raid destinations, raid composition and loot are made as a guild to promote unity and togetherness.

As a member of this guild you are expected to communicate clearly and remain active in guild related discussions to ensure we maintain a drama free atmosphere that runs smoothly. Ventrilo must be installed and you must have a working microphone and headset. Communication is key, so you are required to have the means to do so!

We maintain a drama free atmosphere inside and out. Players are expected to be respectful and courteous to all players regardless of their guild tag in order to maintain a positive viewpoint within the community.

We are seeking the following classes, but will evaluate all exceptional applications:
- Priest (Shadow/Disc) HIGH
- Druid (Feral - Bear/Kitten) HIGH
- Deathknight (Blood/Frost) HIGH
- Paladin (Prot/Ret) HIGH

Contact: Myself, Ravìs, Lema, Grimdots for more info.
Flew home from work Tues. but had already missed you guys. I'm still interested. Hit me up in game?
Thanks for the great alt run tonight!! Looking forward to possibly joining the guild!!
If you are going to trash talk, do it on your main. Please.

New opening: Blood/Frost DK or Prot/Ret PLD
Is there a web-site I can apply at?
401 ilvl blood dk tank interested
if you guys still need a retribution pally I am interested. I actually know somebody in your guild, if that makes a difference.

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