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Wyrmrest Accord
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This is not the updated list, as there was not enough room to post all of our information. The official thread is located here:

Bumping for Master Trensha.
Bah weep grannah weep nini bawng

Added Spiritual Development and Research Department.

Added Ghostlands Captain point of contact.
**UPDATED (again)**

Added offered services to end of posting.
Foo, I aint a captain no more, its Gled. Also, silverpine isn't on the list of "positions"
Aye. We will be needing Priests who will assist our representatives in their travels, who will pray for the fallen, and aide our Lord Crestaen where needed. Brave souls willing to test their mettle against the mysteries of the Shadows will also be welcomed. Dark Lady watch over you...
**Updated to reflect new officers and fix errors in previous posts**
*Leap of Faiths the guild to the top. Bump.*
Going to be trying to do some recruiting for the Silverpine/Gilneas Watchers group! Gonna be looking for anyone interested, but I would like to try to get a few rogues and hunters to use as scouts and such!
Hey guys, just a few questions if you dont mind. I can't log on to ask personally an I haven't caught anyone online.

- about how large is the guild and what would you gauge as your active player base that rps daily?

- what level is the guild?

- i play a goblin but wa looking or a diplomatic role. Is this spot filled currently? If so, has someone taken on the goblin boss position so I could apply for agent?

- do you guys do other events beside RP? Raids, arena teams, rbgs?
The last time I checked /ginfo we had about 90 characters with about 54 of those being unique accounts. We are guild level 4, very close to 5 last I checked, and are chugging along pretty nicely in guild exp.

Earlier in the morning I don't really see too many people but later on I've seen anywhere from 7-12 active members online. We get together for RP fairly consistently later in the evenings and the RP is pretty engaging at least from my perspective.

We have a goblin liason but they have been absent for quite some time and I was going to consider taking on another, the job may be open.

Insurance boss would be great, the insurance agency hasn't even started yet, I want the right people in the right places before I let em take off.

Agents are always welcome, the insurance agency looks to be a pretty fun RP for guildies to have about.

We do guild dungeons every week, usually more than we need to. Have plenty of tanks, could use some healers and the like. Since we plan on being very active in RP-PvP, it is my hope that we get down and dirty in the rated BGs as guilded groups.

We have people working on legendary weapons from oldschool raids, we plan to run all the old raids a lot.

We are pretty active on all fronts. Lots of fun and interesting people have joined, and make the Watchers a very fun and interesting guild, IC and OOC.
Bump, for great justice.
Members of the Darkwatch wear the Undercity Tabard and, when on duty, should be flagged and geared for PvP.

The Eastern Plaguelands Darkwatch has three bases. I am the main commander based in the Scarlet Enclave and my lieutenants, a blood elf death knight named Falorne and a Blackrock orc death knight named Emuldan, handle the other two bases.

I am telling you all this because Emuldan's Darkwatch is in the heaviest PvP position and Falorne's Darkwatch is in the lightest PvP position. I recommend whispering me to discuss positioning beforehand.
**le bumpe*
I am looking for someone to take over the Tirisfal Darkwatch Captain spot, as I can not fill this duty on this character for much longer. A captain spot of course requires an authenticator, as you will be in charge of your own regiment, basically a sub-guild leader. A high activity role, it can be very fun.

Hint as to why I can't run this: Karl is an alt of mine, my main is Crestaen Trensha. So you can see why I need someone to take this very important role for the Forsaken Watchers.

Also available are any of the fine positions you see up on the original post, all information is accurate and up to date. You can whisper any Watcher that is online and you will probably be connected with the right people for an interview and guild invite.

Oh yeah, and BUMP!
Setting up the next interguild meeting, and you guys KNOW your more then welcome!

Also, bump ^~
Bumpis maximus
I need you to assassinate Wrest because I want to take over my guild and rule it with an iron fist thus alienating all my previous guild members and making sure it no longer exists...

Wait this is private right? Other people can't see this right?

This is for JOBS right? You are going to-- son of a-- let's just pretend this didn't happen.

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