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Would give more incentive for buying the shirts that pop up on my launcher screen instead of just showing them on characters it would be amazing if your character got a epic in-game copy of the same shirt. It would be an awesome marketing technique. And I know a lot of people would buy it like companions from the blizzard store.

Thank you for your consideration.
I like this idea. It's marketable and has more purpose than just some shirt.
idk, can you imagine a world full of warriors, paladins, and mages running around in t-shirts with funny stuff on them? :/
I have always wanted to sport a Chieftains Rock T-Shirt on Lazy days in game while doing my favorite past time of fishing! But to be fair it would be kind of silly.....

Sometimes two worlds are not meant to collide.
That would be neat :)

Although, I can't really see Aune wearing the Black Horde hoodie I bought :/

♥ Aune

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